Dejon Jarreau's Highlight Reel- The Playmaker


Good $hit man!

Nice and you even put in the foreign trip highlight :fire::fire:

Thanks Pesik!

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Damn, I hope he’s back. We were at our best when Deeky was at his best


Dejon is a baller. I just wish people (coogs) appreciated him they way some of us do.

We need him back.

He’s really a good kid and does so much for us.

Lastly, i think he can avg a dbl/dbl and get drafted next year.

One more healthy year under CKS will make Dejon a draftable prospect. And I emphasize “healthy”. I know all these kids have their reasons, but leaving early after what was a bad year by Deeky’s standards is just a bad decision. I truly hope he comes back, stays healthy, gets back to what he was in 2018-19 or better and helps these younger guards develop. Next season might be super special anyway, but if Deeky and Hinton come back? I can’t wait!

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