Demarcus Ayers Sighting Tonight

In the Hall of Fame game tonight Bears and Ravens, he returned second half kickoff for the Bears.

Fumbling balls will get you cut…but he will have better moments as long as he gets the opportunity.

Then caught a pass, hit, fumbled. Not good.

I think them signing Miller complicated things for DA. They already have a bunch of slots in Chicago, and every receiver in Pittsburgh was virtually the same as well. He needs to limit his mistakes, and he should make it. He’s still explosive.

Ayers final numbers:

5 receptions on 7 targets for 46 yards with a long of 14
6 punt returns for 75 yards with a long of 17
1 fumble which was lost


If I recall correctly, those 2 missed receptions weren’t catchable. The fumble sucked and he also had a false start towards the end.


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