Deontay Anderson is now a Cougar


The fourth member of the 2016 @ESPN 300 to join the program, help us officially welcome @OVOTRAINERA to the #HTownTakeover!

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Still no word on the transfer waiver though. Hope that comes out soon.

(Ben B) #3

I hope they make him eligible for this season. It makes sense, but it also would help shore up a weakness in our defense.


No doubt he will be a huge gap filler in our secondary. Really hoping the NCAA does the right thing here and doesn’t make him sit out.


Can’t speak for the other players, but he chose to sit out the 2017 season, so they definitely should let him play. I’m going to assume they just hate our college if they don’t. lol


Definitely. In my opinion, his choice to sit out 2017 supports his position that the coaching staff at Ole Miss deceived him into thinking the punishment handed down by the NCAA would not be as bad as it was. He clearly was thinking there would only be a 1 year bowl ban. If ever there is a time to not enforce the transfer sit out rule, it’s when a school intentionally deceives a student athlete in order to get him to commit.

(Marcus) #7

Anyone know why all the buzz about this today? I thought this was confirmed a month ago.


I think it was confirmed a while back that he was going to transfer, but it just became official. I guess that means enrollment? Not really sure.

(Jimmy Morris) #9

It’s safer to assume he is behind the 4 year graduation goal if they ask him to sit out. The NCAA clearly states that sitting out is about making sure a transfer does not struggle academically because of the move.


(Bryant Hargrave) #11

Yeah… That’s the reason. Kind of like how they make sure all the athletes are “amateur student athletes”


Good info. I knew nothing about this. If he has to sit out, at least Anderson can practice; he’ll be up to speed and can play with a loaded 2019 team.

(sarkcoog) #13

I thought I read somewhere (but may be wrong) that part of the reason for instant eligibility is that the coaches asked him to sit out this year thinking it would only be a one year bowl ban.


I wonder: Do they not have the same concern if they transfer to an FCS school? No sitting a year in that scenario.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

I don’t know about the FCS but I do know that Division II and Division III have different eligibility rules. As in, you get 10 semesters to play 4 years but semesters you don’t attend classes or only attend part time and dont compete for a school don’t count against you. In other words players that fall behind in academics can sit out while going to school part time to catch up and lose no eligibility. That might come into play on transfers not sitting out.

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(Cristian) #17

Replace everything with Coog gear and its us

(Eric) #18

is there any sort of update on this? should be some sort of announcement soon ey?

(Butch) #19

Everything depends on what happens with Michigan’s case for the Patterson kid. If they win that case it opens the doors to the other transfers, including Anderson. It has been said that the decision probably will not come until after spring workouts…

(Patrick) #20

The way the NCAA works, it might be just before next season before a decision is made.