Deontay Anderson Junior Highlights - Former #1 Safety recruit

We are backloaded/stacked at safety next year…deontay should be the leader of the pack


Deontay needs to make some plays this year. He has the measurables but does he really make plays? This year will be the litmus test.

an interesting quote from last year… the DC said you dont really realize how much he meant to the defense till he was gone… he was injured one game and said he realized how much worse db core looked without him…


People on here give him a lot of flack but the secondary got destroyed the game he was out. Imagine how much worse our defense would have been if Anderson and Demarion Williams didnt completely lock down one side of the field.


Did you even watch the film? Anderson played well last season and made many plays – passes defended, tackles, and interceptions.


Watched every home game and a chunk of the away games. . I am not impressed with Mr. Anderson. He is OK, but he is nothing special. For his size he is not very physical and he doesn’t make many plays.


Should have told him how you really felt about Anderson the first time :sunglasses:

I think the problem last year was a lot of injuries and the DC not be able to do what he was hired to do.

I will be concerned about he DC this year if there is not MAJOR improvement.

We need more variation in our defensive alignments…

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That’s a good point. Especially on defense it is impossible to tell who has what responsibility So there could’ve been a lot of plays where he made a play and it wasn’t even really his responsibility. And vice versa where it looks like he messed up but it was really him trying to cover for someone else.

Not physical? Are you watching the same video that Pesik posted? Clearly you didn’t watch his highlights. If you did, you would see him punishing folks. Your take is lazy - @Coog51

It’s obvious you didn’t see Mr. Anderson laying those guys out in the video. Just stop! Maybe you didn’t personally see this action live, and that’s okay. But, don’t post that he’s not physical and doesn’t make plays when this thread provides video evidence indicating otherwise!

Back before spread offenses, you’d see a lot of big hits and de-cleaters from safeties. But there are considerably less these days for two reasons.

First, with the eruption in popularity of spread offenses, I think safeties spend a lot more time in coverage than up on the line covering the run, which means less big hits.

And in the secondary, the rules have been tightened for covering offensive players. It’s a lot easier to get a pass interference, a hold or an illegal hit. I think safety play will never be the same as it was during the days of Jack Tatum or Ronnie Lott or Palomau (sp?) from Pittsburgh.

I think safeties now are judged by how they cover. And more particularly, how they cover these guys out of the slots or the backfield.

I thought Anderson looked a little lost at times in the early part of the year. But so did others. And maybe it was someone else who wasn’t doing their assignment. I have no way of knowing. But I thought he played very well in the second part of the year.

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