Depth chart update


Rice game Game Notes online. Ellis still listed. Stuard now in 2 deep. Other defense changes.

My apologies. Scroll through pages. Located past roster.

Link to Game Notes, Depth Chart on Page 15:

(Eric Prado) #2

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(Brad) #3

Link please?


Wow! The 2 deep shows Alexander Myres ahead of Jeremy Winchester!

And, unless we’re trying to preserve a red shirt (which I don’t think we are), I would love to be in a position in the 2nd half to see Grant Stuard at OLB. I’m really excited to see what this kid can do.

Does anyone know what the deal is with Dixie Wooten? I really expected him to be on the 2 deep this year.

(Cary) #6

I. Johnson played a considerable amount against AZ. I wonder if it was performance or Winchester got a minor injury.


I don’t know what the official 2 deep was for last week, but Johnson is also CB1 this week. Was Johnson playing for Winchester, or on the other side? I was really hoping to see vast improvement from Winchester this year. There’s still time I suppose.

(Cary) #8

I am not sure. They were trying to pick on Johnson, he was decent considering it is his first real game minutes at position. Being a 6’3" CB that has recovery speed can do that.

(Ben B) #9

He made a couple of great plays. I look forward to seeing him get even better.

(Dan) #10

I thought Winchester played well Saturday. Showed some growth and discipline. Surprised at this change.

(Paul Marlow) #11

We rotate four corners. It may not be about who starts, but who finishes the game. All of them seemed capable on Saturday.


Myers, Winchester and Johnston. Who is the fourth?


Should be Ka’Darian Smith, per the depth chart.


I believe Johnson would sub in based on when Arizona brought in Poindexter their 6’5" WR.

(Patrick) #15

Winchester and Myres started against Arizona, but Johnson and Winchester saw the most plays. Myres was in there quite a bit as well and Arizona tended to only attack Johnson out of those 3. Basically, we have 3 CBs that rotate often.

As far as Wooten, unless a guy is a stud OL out of high school, most really won’t play until they become a junior/senior. Most need to build strength and technique for 2-3 years before being effective.


I thought Dixie was Class of 2016? Did he flunk 12th grade?


Depth chart probably reflects how they graded on film. I’m sure that matchups play a part as well.

(Ben B) #18

He grey shirted.