D'Eriq King gives UH another strong voice

So, when he stepped in front of the offense and told them what they needed to do, and what they were going to start doing, his teammates took notice.

“I just told them we needed to calm down,” King said. “We’re good. So, anything Coach (Kendal) Briles calls should work. We just need to calm down and make it work.”


Just a note that King’s 320 was incredibly efficient. 18.82 yards per completion and 13.33 yards per attempt. So nice to see big plays from this offense again. Even if it was only one half of football, the personnel and potential are certainly there.


I was amazing to watch his throw down field. He has a great arm, it zips down field with velocity and pin point accuracy. Moved in and out of the pocket to make the throw. Ran when needed. Glad King is the QB.


And he would probably have had more yards than either White or Milton - if only the receiver had not dropped that one long pass that hit him right in the hands! Sorry - don’t remember the name of the receiver and would not call him out by name anyway - everyone drops one now and then.


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