D'Eriq King is the biggest potential QB domino of the offseason

For those of you who feel out of place unless you have something to fret over, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

For me, i still believe he’s staying until he says he isn’t.

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I think he stays. Team can be nasty if he is back. And the schedule is decent enough to make a Bowl 6 game. We will need to make hay in 2020 because the schedule in '21 & '22 looks dull.

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I looked at our 20 and 21 schedule and I saw a team I want to see every week. I am a Cougar and I go to watch the Cougars.


A team that may look dull now may be hot in 21 & 22. No one saw the UH 2015 team coming in 2013 and 2014.


I think he was referencing the schedule being attractive to making a NY6 game. Having attractive wins and not necessarily calling our team dull.


Props for the sweet uni in the picture:


From the article:
"Kendal Briles is headed to Arkansas, it was reported Monday: King and his 2018 QB coach reuniting would make a lot of sense, though King is likely looking for a more win-now destination."

I wonder if Briles has contacted King through “back channels.”

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Arkie returns future star Connor Noland at QB and also last year’s frosh TJ Jefferson.Next year will be a disaster for Arkie. Ask Fla St how much Briles helped THEM…and its SEC defenses every flipping week
…You think King wants to be a part of THAT??
DOUBT it!! King is STAYING, and i am damn sick of reading this kind of drivel every other day from no nothing reporters who just want to create click bait…


I think King has officially graduated so I don’t believe back-channels are necessary.

I understand 2014 but to be fair the 2013 team started 5-0 and all of their losses came by a td or less and the bowl game was a shootout. It was obvious in both 2013 and 2014 that the talent was there, just needed the coaching. In fact, with some luck in 2013 and if Ward was the starter all of 2014, Tony Levine is most likely still the head coach here.


At this point, it’s late December and his degree is in hand. If he’s transferring, what is he waiting on?

Someone should tell Duarte to bring up King during one of the pressers. Not sure why it’s something that hasn’t come up.


Don’t you have to go to the portal still for communications to be allowed?

Questions of “loyalty” aside, the list of schools he would benefit by transferring to is probably pretty small. A perfect fit might come up, but a lot of what I am hearing is “Kevin Sumlin is going to interview for that Colorado State job” territory.

I believe that the portal is for undergraduates. Once a player graduates, I don’t think they need the portal. There are people on here who know more about that than I do and I’m sure someone will clarify if I’m wrong.

I think you do.

Portal is required for transfers, regardless of classification. Being a graduate only means the athlete can play immediately.

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Just a wait and see game now. I hope he comes back. But the Dual threat style is not DH’s style. Look every where he has been. He did not like Geno Smith a dual threat guy. After that he had pocket passers.

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I would not be shocked if he did enter the transfer portal. Why shouldn’t he see what opportunities present themselves to him? Who knows who might come calling? I sure would want to at least find out if I were him. He is not obliged to take any offer. A number of players have entered the portal only to stay right where they are.

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Have they? I’m sure it’s happened but I can’t remember any. If he enters the portal, he’s gone. That isn’t something that’s easy to walk back from and I don’t think we would want him to.

And, he knows his options. Don’t think for a minute that schools aren’t contacting him through back channels.