D'Eriq King is the biggest potential QB domino of the offseason

He’s not obliged to take an offer, but there are consequences of entering the portal, so it’s definitely not something to do if you’re in “exploratory” mode.

look up the transfer portal for last year or this year. It shows quite a few players that stayed right where they are, at least the “?” is changed back to their respective school so I would think that is what it means.

I dont think CDH would tell him if he entered the portal he no longer has a spot with us. That wouldn’t be a smart coaching move but just my opinion.

If he takes the time to look at the QBs like him- stature and style of play… that played at UH and where they are today…Keemun, Ward…then if he’s smart, he stays :heart::paw_prints::heart:

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what consequences are there?

“If the student-athlete withdraws his or her name from the database or the school lets the NCAA know that the student has enrolled elsewhere, the student’s record is updated in the portal. The transfer portal is reset at the end of each academic year.”

Withdrawing ones name would indicate they are staying put.

Again, I’m sure it’s happened but most leave. I’d guess that’s especially true for big names.

And, he knows his options after this hitting the media earlier. Every team knew he was considering leaving. He doesn’t need to enter the portal for that.

actually I dont think he has to enter the portal at all as a graduate student.

He still has to enter the portal.

I cant find a definitive reference to it but on the portal there are a number of 4 year men so they must be graduate students

If I’m a player there is no chance I’m entering the portal/putting my name out for transfer of I don’t 99% know where I’m going. I can’t imagine too many coaches welcoming back a player after that, and after watching CDH, he’s definitely not one of them.


Seems to me that entering the portal is a public statement by the student that they are not 100% committed to the program. Do we really want players that are shopping around (ie not 100% committed)?

Especially after what happened in September.

Being a dual threat means you’re better than a pocket passer. Having two skills is better than one. That’s the whole premise of a dual threat. If you cant pass from the pocket as good as a traditional pocket passer, then you’re not a dual threat. I don’t believe for one second that CDH recruited Massoud but alienated King. It’s the contrary, King is exactly who CDH wants.


If being a dual threat wasnt CDH’s style then why did he recruit Massoud?

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So there are several NFL QBs better than Tom Brady? He’s just a pocket passer

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A bit of the strawman there but I’ll bite. In theory, yes. In application, no. Brady would be an outlier here. Now let’s name all of the dual threat starting QBs.

Newton (arguable)

If a QB possessed only a fraction of Brady’s passing ability, and his same level of immobility, then he’d be a sitting duck.

You’re also talking to an individual that believes that Brady is a product of Belichick’s system and would be exposed elsewhere. They work great together. Put Brady in Houston and see if he puts up better numbers than Watson and his output would drop significantly due to mediocre coaching (o’Brian) and other circumstances (poor offensive line). Being a dual threat allows you to combat most of it. It’s the new leauge. 5 step drop QBs are fading.

If you believe that about Brady then you probably felt the same way about our boy Keenum. Everybody and there mama stated he was only good and a product of the (Sumlin’s) system. I big to differ. Coaches are managers and if you know your team and the strengths of each individual, you know where to plug them so they maximize the production/results wanted. This in turn gives self confidence in ones ability. Patriots players know there role because of this.

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And how many dual threat QBs have won Super Bowls? Wilson, Rodgers, Young. Is that the entire list?

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I’m not sure where you’re going with this. Are you saying a team accomplishment defines how good a QB is? Surely you’re not. Put Brady in Houston and see how many superbowls he wins on his own. The goal for any QB is to be efficient first. You cant win games without moving the ball and taking care of ball.

I suggested that DTs can make up for offensive limitations for their sheer ability to create and extend. It’s another dynamic. That was the purpose of my post. Not to say that any individual DT QB is automatically better than Brady or guaranteed to win a super bowl. By your same metric of what good is, how many current pocket passers are better than Brady? How many have won superbowls?

Now back to the premise of efficiency:

Brady 2019:

Comp. Pct- 63.9 Yds- 3836 TD-22

Watson 2019:

Comp. Pct.- 67.3 Yds- 3852 TD- 26

Now ask yourself this, would Brady put up better numbers in with Bill o’Brien and this offensive line?

No he wouldn’t, because he lacks the extra dynamic that’s neccessary to succeed in the context that is the Houston offense.


King in a few days:

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