D'Eriq King is the biggest potential QB domino of the offseason

Thank you, Aldine and I agree!!!

And Dak Prescott’s numbers are even better. Do you want to argue that he’s the best QB in the league?

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Lol no. The only arguments I made are above. You can argue with yourself with your forever shifting goal posts about Dak being the “best”.

There is a place for King in the league, and there is a place for King on this roster. You’ve been given evidence but choose to ignore it.

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So you don’t think his height will be a negative factor in him getting drafted?

Probably depends on when he is throwing from the pocket, if he can find windows to avoid getting the ball batted down like Brees does. It could be. Depends on his play.

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He is about 5’11 and that might even be pushing it. I highly doubt they will give him a chance. It doesn’t mean I don’t think he can do it. But I think they will look at him and ask him to change positions or try another profession.

If King was transferring, he would have hit the portal already. There’s no reason to wait as he would lose out on time with the new team.

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Yes, this guy is on the point!

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I don’t think dual threat really makes sense in the NFL anymore. Its basically three categories: running QB, mobile, non mobile. Jackson and Murray are the only two starters I would put into the running QB category (Newton used to be until he started breaking). I also think most of the QBs in the non mobile category are older guys (Brady, Rivers, Ryan). A bunch of those guys you mentioned as dual threat NFL QBs were listed as pro style as college recruits. Prescott and Mahomes run 4.8 40 times (slower than some DTs).

Though I agree with you about the older QB archetypes, I’ll have to disagree about Mahomes and Prescott. Both were listed as DThreats coming out, with Mahomes being reclassified after he hit the league. There’s evidence of this by the conflicting classification on his 247 page.

I think the issue with 40 times is that not all guys can run the 40 as good as others. Track guys know what I’m talking about. Heck, King could run a 4.8 due to a bad start, but everyone knows his top end cant be caught.

As far as Cam, I think he bought the illusion that he was more durable than RG3 because he was bigger. Even when I’ve seen Dak run over defenders I cringe knowing he’s still a QB. Running backs like AP and Marshawn lynch can run angry because if they get hurt they can sub in a new guy. Cant replace a starting QB.

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Coach DH said he has ALL the plays to take advantage of King talents. King just needs to grasp the plays. He says he has. Have confidence.


Tannehill was pro style, the college recruit page for Mahomes is pro style too. https://247sports.com/Player/Patrick-Mahomes-II-21009/high-school-33394/

The 40 is the only real data we have to compare speed, sure its not perfect but it is important (and I am a track enthusiast, but long distance guy). Lamar Jackson didn’t run a 4.8, Cam didn’t, Watson didn’t, and I will bet you $100 with 10-1 odds that King wont. Dak is pretty slow, he isn’t out running anybody but as you mentioned he too often tries to run through people. He is more of a big Ben runner, even Wentz seems quicker than Dak. So that is why I don’t like the categories because 25+ NFL starters would be dual threats.

Anyway, to get back somewhat on topic, King has the arm to make all the throws in Dana’s system while also having the ability to destroy teams with his legs with the legit speed and agility he has. I expect a big year from him.

Interesting thing about Tannehill is that he should still be considered a DT QB. I dont know the last time he ran in the NFL but I played ball at Hardin-Simmons with a guy that played him in the playoffs. He said Tannehill single handedly booted his team out. He was playing QB on a crucial series and then his coach put him in at safety. End result? Pick 6 that sealed the game. It’s also crazy because it’s my understanding that he played some WR at aggy and ran a 4.6. He’s gotta be a DT QB because Brady and Manning aren’t doing any of that, ever! Lol

230 - When it was announced that King was “red shirting” I thought I read he was scheduled to graduate in May 2020. This was a disadvantage on transferring as he would not participate in spring practice at new school.

Pretty sure I saw something, somewhere, that said he was able to actually graduate in December.

He played more WR at a&m than QB.


Yes, he has graduated.

Also UH was recruiting Tannehill pretty hard and there was an outside shot of landing here but Briles left for Baylor and A&M offered.

Demetrius Woods ended up being the qb commit for that class.

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Congrats to the young man for making us all proud…he will be a Cougar for life…and I hope that includes next year lol…


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