D'Eriq King ready to lead University of Houston to new heights

Briles said there a few characteristics of King’s game he can’t wait to instill in the offense, but won’t reveal the details yet. While referencing to King being more of a reserved person in terms of personality, Briles said one characteristic that can’t be hidden is his competitiveness. He said he loves King’s body language and how it never changes regardless of the situation, which can be contagious to his teammates.


I am not sure if he chose to omit the part about King being injured or he did not know he was injured:

Kyle Allen, Kyle Postma and D’Eriq King all saw time under center last season. Allen and Postma had control of the quarterback position for the first seven weeks, with King only throwing two attempts in that time frame. He was the odd man out as the coaching staff was lasered on Allen and Postma.

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That is strange. Coaches loved King in camp, but his injury kept him from being a serious contender. I honestly think if he had been healthy, he would have been the starter.


Be honest tho, everyone was excited about Kyle Allen


Not everyone…I saw what King brought to the team and knew he should proceed Ward…

It looks like Bryson Smith will remain at quarterback.

Sorry Progs on not being privy of new changes, is Smith the new starter at QB???! Maybe I am misreading your post.

I think he means Bryson remains at QB as opposed to playing other positions like King and Ward did early on. Not sure how it fits in this thread but the headline “to new heights” is a weird one anyway. To new heights under Applewhite?

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In the first practice report in the Chron, CMA says Bryson Smith will be playing receiver.

He will, however, have some packages for him at QB and he will attend the QB meetings during the week.

CMA said that Smith was a special athlete that needed to be on the field somewhere–or words to that effect.

So he’ll be exactly like Greg Ward and D’Eriq King–he’ll play receiver (with an occasional trick play) until it’s his turn to run the team. That’s how I read it, anyway.



So if King comes through the way Ward did, UH way be the first school to have the qb play receiver first, then play their way to the position.

Smith …

If UH kept CKB, could see this trending.

King said Bryson is incredibly athletic and they are trying to get him on the field sooner. I remember him dunking a basketball in high school and he has some crazy hops.

He won the dunking contest (football over goal post) this last spring. I’m glad they wanted him to see the field but I feel bad that we brought in a graduate transfer to be backup seeing as Herman offered him as a WR at UT and Bryson’s goal was to be QB so he was one of the few top recruits for 2017 that didn’t defect.

If you go back to spring ball, a comment was made by one of the coaches about Bryson not being ready during that first week of practice. Dormandy is all about competition.

CMA said the depth chart is currently King, Dormady, Tune…Bryson has a package at QB and a package at WR.

Not for those that went to the Spring Game.


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