D'Eriq King Spray Charts

After the Arizona game, I started thinking about how D’Eriq King doesn’t see the deep-middle of the field (20+ yards) when he’s in the pocket. It’s not too surprising – quarterbacks with just a handful of starts at this level often have that issue.

So I decided to investigate. I went back and watched every snap of the first two games. After the Tech game, I watched those, too. Now, I’ve charted all 109 attempts by D’Eriq King. The data is pretty interesting.

Here’s the Rice spray chart:

For more charts and analysis check out:


Good stuff. Thanks for posting.

How many throws normally go to that part of the field for other QBs? I think he sees the middle of the field really well for his experience and height. I don’t know if we have guys going deep to the the middle of the field much, if at all. That is the longest developing route too so you have to count on a lot of time to throw that. With the sideline deep balls, he just needs to check if a safety would come over the top and then drop it in with air under it. You can’t do that to the middle of the field unless they go with no safeties up top.

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