D'Eriq King vs Kyler Murray


Both haven’t played a full season as a starter, yet Kyler scored a spot in the ESPN Top 100.

D’Eriq King seems like a better QB in my opinion.


The entire first minute of Murray’s “highlight” video has zero highlights. Kind of annoying.


We’re just about to see D’eriq King’s best. He’s been just scratching the surface on his potential.

(Cristian) #4

Im inclined to think that the reason he was ranked as opposed to king was because he was a 5 star recruit and this is his last season. So he is getting more attention because of that. They’re both dual threat and both have good arms but i think murray is the better prospect. Not taking anything away from king I like the dude alot but Murray arm looks stronger in those highlights. Speed wise they are both fast but there was one instance i saw both of them run up the field and Murray slid and avoided the hit and king got hit and tossed by his legs. But thats just from a couple of minutes of highlights.

(Chris Vaughan) #5

As my wife says “same but different”.


Nah. He’ll be better this year than last for sure, but next year will be The Year! for him.


Biggest observation for me was how much more physical King is vs Murray. Murray wasn’t able to run through any tackles. King had several where he broke tackles especially near the goal line.


Hate these types of comparisons. IMHO Kyler is destined for baseball. Longer carrier opportunity.