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That’s a fair point. My comment was more aimed at how the defense performed before the vast majority of the injuries but I didn’t make that clear. Davis and Owens have been hurt from the beginning, but the other guys have been in the last few games. But now that you point it out, I will correct myself in that it looked like the defense was improving before the SMU game, which was a very welcome sign. But with all the injuries, it has taken a monumental step back.


We’re clearly never going to agree on the talent vs coaching debate.


Where we disagree is that you seem(my interpretation of your view from numerous posts) to think that if you coach something, it gets fixed or has to improve. That if it doesn’t improve then the teacher is at fault.
Some people get better. Some people over achieve. Some people don’t. This is in all aspects of life.
I could be an expert in math, and try to explain Calculus to someone …does it mean they are going to do better? I have one of my children that was tutored for last 6 months by Stanford grad for College boards. She took test 3 more times and went up little bit. So I guess I should blame the teacher who got a near perfect score when he took it?
Your other argument has been “coaches need stop playing favorites” and put in next guy if they don’t perform. Do you have direct knowledge of favoritism?
Why wouldn’t coaches play best players?
Player performance fluctuates. Austin Robinson looked like Dick Butkus vs Navy…the last 2 weeks not so much. He got run over by SMU RB that he totally squared up on at crucial point in game and it kept drive alive. And your answer will be” he wasn’t taught to tackle”. My response will be what about the 22 vs Navy?? Seemed to tackle pretty well that night. In A Rob defense he has played a lot downs this year and we don’t win Navy without his performance.

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Extremely large difference between a college football coach, his players, and a tutor and your child(no disrespect intended). On one hand, one get’s paid millions of dollars to teach something that shouldn’t be completely foreign to individuals that have been in the system for at least 2 years (not to mention not nearly as complicated as calculus); on the other, a person is getting paid a fraction of that to teach something to a child for the first time ever. As both a coach and an educator, this is not a good analogy. As far as the “some people get it and some people don’t” line, the issue isn’t that some people don’t get it with CMD, the issue is NO ONE get’s it on consistent basis and he does not have a viable back up plan. That’s his issue.

You are correct, this is an opinion. But hey, it’s a football forum, there aren’t many facts floating around here to begin with; you can let me slide with an opinion…

I agree player performances slide, but are they any indication of coaching? Are the slides any indication lack of focus or motivation? Is there anything that the coaches can do to ENSURE they don’t slide in the future? At some point, initiative and coach accountability has to be taken into consideration. We’re beyond that point because we know-CMD with a healthy roster isn’t going to help you win games either way. This is a results business, not a “well every week this guy did this, and that guy did this, but if I only had this guy show up for this play” business. Our guys can’t overcome adversity if the coach can’t help them. It starts at the top.


Why does it matter what someone gets paid in evaluation? CMD D was #24 in Defense Efficiency last year…at 400k I’m sure he wasn’t one of 24 highest paid DCs…Orlando gets over a million and UT has had multiple bad games. What did Gibbs get paid at TT to allow 43 points per game for 2 straight years?

What coach can ENSURE anything? How can you ensure a player doesn’t get blocked? Drop an interception?Drop a Pass? Go off sides? Pull a face mask? Miss a tackle? Cover the wrong guy? Block the wrong guy?

As for my example…I wasn’t talking about a young child first…I’m talking about an 18 year old who has had plenty of math courses .Same age as freshman football players. My analogy was of someone who can do something very well explaining it to another over many months. .yet that person can’t do it as well as the teacher. You blame the teacher.

IJ has had 2 CB coaches and still stinks. The new coach has plenty experience and has coached plenty guys who went pro.

You know how I know he’s been coached? Because I have seen him do it right on several occasions. Back peddle, plant, break on ball and deflect the ball.
Unfortunately he does it wrong much more. That’s on him.
As for next man up…after IJ had 2 pass interference calls and got burned by another double move car TT he was benched and Kadarian Smith came in. On key 3rd down and long with score at 49-42, he covered right guy, but fell down trying to go for ball. Wish we had a CB coach could teach guys to not fall down.

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The craptastic scheme that CMD runs is what makes him a bad DC. You can throw all the TOP stats out there that you want. It doesn’t change that basic fact. I also have a hard time believing that 14 is an NFL cornerback. He may be y’all and fast but he has horrible ball skills. They were bad when he was a WR and they didn’t get any better as a CB.


Once UCF is leading Navy by something like 35-0 at the half, it will reinforce just how bad our defense is by comparison.


Have a great day Mark and don’t let the facts get in the way!! Go Coogs


Who cares about any other coach in this situation? How is their success or failure relevant to CMD’s success or failure?

lol Toss it out already, how does knowing your responsibilities in cover 3, relate to something as complex as calculus? On what earth is a college freshman math course with multiple installments over the course of the semester, equivalent to not understanding something that was taught to you your freshman year, and probably in high school(Texas has spread offenses)?

What about LBs who CMD is directly involved with? How are they playing this year? Lights out? You’re blame shift from players, all the way to position coaches, but leave out any impact the DC has. Everybody stinks except the guy who got fired from Miami. Right…

Again, drop the obsession with one player, there are other starters on this defense that have played poorly. How does falling down equate to not knowing responsibilities on a vanilla scheme? Falling down isn’t the issue. Getting torched as unit by everyone we play and not having a back up plan is the issue. Heck CMD doesn’t have to be perfect, we can have mistakes; he just needs to be able to hold teams to less points than us. Giving up 30 plus points is just pathetic. NO way around that.

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Same to you my friend. Go Coogs.


When looked at in a vacuum…allowing 30 points per game isn’t good.
But if you look at it in relation to other defenses that play with a fast offense, it’s not.
For example
Phil Bennett comes to Baylor in 2011 and D allows 37 and 36 in 2012. The number goes down to 23 in 2013.

Gibbs goes to TT
2015 allows 43
2018…30 and KK didn’t go as fast as KB is going this year in any of those 4 years. In fact he’s slowed down each year .

During the Syracuse game last night the announcer said that Barbers said his defense had to learn how to play with this type offense…it’s his 3rd year there. And they are allowing 28 this year after allowing 32 last year and 38!in 2016.
Enjoy the game pal!!! Go Coogs!!!


Allowing 30 pts a game is bad. Point blank period. Stop bringing up other coaches. We are talking about a coach with nothing to offer the university of Houston. We dont care what other coaches do. We care about not giving up 14 points to Temple in less than 10 minutes.

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DK is a bright spot this year with our issues. In his freshman year, at a Cougar walk (forget which game), as he walked by I tapped him on the shoulder and said “score a touchdown”. He looked back at me and with a serious expression simply nodded. I don’t recall if he scored in that game but I love watching this young man play. Congrats, Mr. King…

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Me also!

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We gave up 59 to Temple.

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Story that aired on KPRC Sunday night:

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