Devin Davis was great!

(G.W.) #1

There were lots of big shots and defensive plays by the Coogs.
But Devin xDavis kept us in the game early. It could have gotten out of hand when UC was up by 11.

Also UC’s final FG was only the second FG in the last 13 minutes. They got 22 in the second half from the line. They were luck to have friendly refs or it could have been a blowout.

(Patrick) #2

Yep, Devin seems to show up big when it matters most. Big time leader.


Devin has shown up but I wish I can say that about Rob. He needs to be tough and be a leader. He has to attack and drive to the basket and either get a layup, get foul or kick it out to the 3 pt shooters. Corey, Devin, and Zanna played big tonight!!

(Patrick) #4

Rob had a rough night, but he came through when it counted.

Heard a little of CKS after the game and he mentioned that Rob didn’t look as athletic this year as he had in previous years. Says he’s having to work harder to do what he can.

(G.W.) #5

Rob did show up down the stretch making a couple big buckets and hot all of his FTs…on a night where we started 2 for 7 from the line.

The best part of Devin Davis’ game is the honed mid-range jumper. It is like nobody know how to defend inside the three point line if the guy with the ball is not in the paint. That kid range is deadly…DEADLY.