DI to distribute revenue based on academics

DI to distribute revenue based on academics
New model to allow schools with higher graduation rates, academic success to qualify for more funds

The Division I Board of Directors approved five recommendations, including the academic distribution.

- Revenue is shared equitably, rooted in the core values of the Association, to ensure the broadest segment of the membership will benefit.
- Consolidate the number of distribution funds to ensure efficiency across the membership.
- Establish an understanding that the 32 automatic qualification units in men’s basketball are distributed evenly.
- Distribute a portion of the revenue based on academics.
- Explain how the distribution aligns with NCAA core values.

Does this change the way schools approach basketball?

No; probably will encourage more academic fraud like what happened at North Carolina.

Good article about the potential of academic fraud under the nnew revenue distribution system:

New NCAA rule basically will pay schools for committing academic fraud

Three of the most recent scandals in college basketball involved such issues: at Syracuse, SMU and, still to be adjudicated, North Carolina. Although SMU’s apparently was focused on a single athlete, the investigation of Syracuse looked into multiple players over at least four seasons, and the UNC issue was traced back by the Wainstein report from 1993 to 2011.

The cost of an athlete’s academic struggle escalated with the introduction of the APR. Now the reward for the athlete’s academic achievement becomes that much greater with the new TV contract distribution model.

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