Did UH waste away Bryson Smith?

We were excited to have him out of John Tyler. He was a bigger, faster Greg Ward Jr. Instead UH played him at kickoff return and WR. I’m disappointed what the previous coaching did with his talent because I think he was going to be a great QB.


He obviously was not ready to start. There is plenty of time to see him.

Hes only a sophomore

I believe that Smith could be really good at QB.

He should be allowed to do that. He might be Greg Ward good.

We seem to be a little short on All American QB’s! So play Smith.


We definitely should give him some chances at QB. That long bomb by him was probably the best throw the entire day! And he threw it perfectly despite having somebody smashing into him just as he was throwing it! He definitely should be the back-up QB to Tune, not Holgorsen Jr!

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He dis well. It was a very short glimpse but I expect coaches to watch the film and see the potential. All of them will improve. I sensed some of CDH frustration was players not translating training and skills to the field.

We have some talent and they threw some players in all sorts of roles and positions. I enjoyed that. Execution will improve and so will the fun! I think they used Grant better this week than when I last saw him. Still too many not knowing their spots if I read what I saw correctly.

Smith throws that bomb, defense plays inspired, Cincy punts, Smith returns the punt, Little H goes out there and throws a pick. We had all the home momentum in the world at our backs. Gone. That was a Major-esque move and I think even he would have been too scared to pull that crap. Just ride the hot hand Dana. It’s not rocket science.


Lol… Right

And have someone spy on the qb … those long runs by the qb changed the game … and of course one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen … even the announcers on tv thought they would pick up the flag …

Several of those quarterback runs on key third and long plays looked like the Lord had opened the sea…or at least the middle of the field…lol

I hate threads about individual players. Lose lose discussion on the ‘innernet :pensive:

Talented athlete. Need to find a place where can excel and make it to the NFL.

Folks have been complaining about zone defense and want more man defense. We, in this game, saw the results when defenders play with their back to the QB. Pick your poison. We are getting better, and will continue to do so. IMHO, the coaches should be doing the coaching . . . . . and making the decisions . . . . .


Thought they did decent in man coverage. The TOs led to at least 17 Cinci points.

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