Difficult journey has happy ending for UH's Devin Davis

Man, if Davis had been healthy last year, we’d have been in the tourney.

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“I saw this parallel right away between him and my dad, who was back in college coaching and also had something to prove,” Kellen said. “I felt like they needed each other. It was one of those feelings you get. I thought it was right.”

So Kellen refused to back off. He was determined to get Davis to UH.

“It was really tough because he was so focused on his JUCO team,” Kellen said. “He never answered the phone. It drove me crazy.”

Kellen quickly figured out, though, that Tiffany was the one to talk to.


Any chance of Devin making the D-league or is he headed to Europe?

Looks like Devin was in Orlando working our for the Magic:

Saw that on his twitter. Good for Devin!

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