Dismal, dismal, dismal

We beat Oklahoma and lose to SMU- how does that happen? Distractions, injuries, what is it? Not sure we can win any more games this season playing like this - so much hope for this season turning into bitter disappointment- I have to find something else to do in my spare time - can 't take this agony.
I guess we were just lucky last year or maybe too much hubris this season…
No easy answers, are there? I’m totally bummed -but I probably won’t be able just to walk away, even if Herman and all the staff leave for Texas, LSU, Oregon, or wherever - it’s UH, right. Ups and downs - the rollarcoaster university.

Outside of Alabama, which other school doesn’t have ups and downs? Who would have thought Oregon would be where they are in 2016. That’s just how it is. It is always fun to cheer for the underdog…until your team is the favorite.

I do think that a huge part of the issues are injuries. O-line is struggling, as is the secondary. People are playing hurt and it is showing. It sucks, but gotta stand by the team win or lose. Can’t turn on the team or the coach.


I think the frustration is never being able to get over that hump. We always seem to fall short.

The frustration comes from having a coaching staff that is too busy focusing on the next stop instead of coaching their own team. This team tonight was very poorly coached. Very poorly coached.

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Agree lots of hurt players, and it shows. Also, no bye week until 10th week is taking it’s toll. This is not just the same team that started the season. They looked tired tonight. Not making excuses just fact.

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Coaches like to brag about our training being harder than any program in America. I’m starting to think overtraining could be a cause of a lot of the injuries we have had this year.


I’m wondering if the “toughest” training camp in CFB is taking its toll. Got us prepared for OU, but we’ve been beat up and losing players in droves. Guys look dead, most are nursing injuries; at some point, adrenaline can only keep you going so long, especially when you don’t have the leaders that we had last year.

Tonight, we faced a team well rested and prepared for us as they’ve had 15 days off. Our loss to UCONN was similar last year; CTH mentioned the problem with this type of scheduling this week.

Injuries are killing us; our OLine at the end were all backups. Ward even looks slower and just didn’t have his accuracy tonight. Our D is beat up.

Our play calling is stubborn; those 3 dives into the middle of the line at the goal line when you have a piecemeal OLine is just dumb. Our D makes adjustments at half, but we got gashed in the first half and our secondary is shaky at best. Special teams is a mess this year.

On top of that, the turnover luck seems to have turned against us.

Maybe the CTH stuff and Big 12 drama is affecting the team; maybe not. Probably doesn’t help, especially when guys are trying to will themselves to their best when theyre hurting. If CTH is a solid human being, he realizes now that he may not be ready for the Big time. But he also needs to realize this isn’t tOSU; the drama of will he leave or not is real and just saying “I’m honest to everyone” doesn’t alleviate fears and concerns of players that know the school’s recent history with coaches leaving. There is a way to make that discussion go away: make a statement saying I’m committed or say I’m looking at leaving next year. That’s real honesty.

Anyway, I’m still on the CTH train and this football team. There are bigger goals we are after and, while this year may be a setback, we can continue building towards them.


I think we’ve covered all the factors. Like Pray I too am still on the Herman train. This is a very beat up team. Everyone is playing injured.

Even so I have to wonder if this is Sumlin all over again. If a coach starts dreaming about that next big job his head is no longer with his team. I’m sure the Big 12 circus impacted Herman much more than he let on.

I’ll be there next Saturday, but I’m also sympathetic of those who don’t come. There is still a lot to play for, including recruiting. Herman said he wanted SMU to become a rival. Careful what you wish for coach.


Exactly right.

A lot of mental errors and that crispness isn’t there. The team looks distracted

So we are either all beat up and the walking dead/wounded making the Bataan death march look like a victory parade …

OR …

There are deeper problems and the esprit de corps left both sides of the LOS several games ago and we are only going through the motions without vigor or spirit.



We are beat up, we have not had our by week and we keep playing teams coming off a by week. Maybe I am just being a conspiracy theorist, but it is a fact. It is hard, obviously. Hang in there y’all. Football is life.

How I feel.

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How I feel.

I am upset too but some people on this forum (not strictly this post) need to pull back on jumping off the Herman train. We have had really tough times in the past and were more tolerable. We went 13-1 last year and hit a rough patch this year and sound like P5 school fan base wanting to run off our coach (see LSU).

Think about this - We have had no bye week and have played more games in less days than any other team in the nation. Despite the name on the schedule that most people see, look at the turnovers we have had between some games. Take the turnover and the injuries that are piling up and the inexperience at OL and secondary I think this explains what is happening. Just my opinion.

I’ll say this, when we were 0-11 I was still in the stands with a few hundred other people to support OUR team and I hope that our fans now will do the same.

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We will be in the stands, but the fair weather U of H fans are gone. If we don’t beat UCF and Tulane, we will have less than 30,000 for Louisville.

I’m more afraid that if we don’t beat UCF and Tulane, Louisville may beat us by 40.

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