Dixie wooten

He never panned out and he is in the portal. I remember him having undisclosed issues when he was committing.

He was vocal about getting other Houston kids to commit here. I wish him the best.


Seems like his name has been around forever. I was hoping he would work out.

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He ended up at Blinn I think for academics. Fought his way back to UH and played some in 2019, maybe started a game or two. Good luck to him!


He was getting blown apart.

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Hope he finds a team with a good fit, seemed like a really good dude.


Dixie was a guy that really recruited for us when committed. He worked hard and thingsjust didn’t work out for him here when he finally got in. Life happens. But, I will always appreciate him and his efforts. I truly wish him well and hope he finds somewhere where he can finish his education and get his degree. I wish him success in life and hope he remains a Coog fan as well wherever he may transfer to.


Hey any word on this? It looks like he is still in the portal and hasn’t signed anywhere.

I think I saw somewhere that about 85% of those that enter the portal never get picked up.

Seems about right. King is the only one of ours picked up so far and I thought Chambers would go fairly soon.

Also noticed that 'Canes have a class of 2018 Dual Threat in the portal after they picked up King. Don’t know if he played any for them because I don’t care enough to look him up. Just interesting, I thought they may be sacrificing the future for a shot at immediate glory. I guess that’s the age we live in.

That’s wild.

what happens if they are not picked up in portal? Can they return to their original school?

I think that depends on how the school handles the portal situation with each player and their circumstances.

UT had a 4 Star OL just enter the portal, and he ended up at a junior college I’ve never heard of. That kid was not welcome back to UT and would have been nowhere

With Dixie, maybe there are behavior issues or maybe he was just told he wouldn’t see the field.

I just really like Dixie. I know he didn’t peak like some hoped, but from what I understand he is a great kid, and good for the locker room. Just rooting that it works out for him, here or elsewhere


Dixie had no behavior issues and if you didn’t know, why speculate? There’s lots of reason a kid may not make it on an FBS team that have nothing to do with behavior. Sometimes the demands of life at home cause young men to take a detour. It’s hard for some of these guys to balance demands of helping at home with football. I haven’t a clue, but whatever his reason, I still wish him the best.

I was asked how it would be handled if he wasn’t picked up by someone else and made the distinction that behavior issues would negatively affect kids coming back if not picked up by another team. There was no speculation at all.

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