DJ Hayden to the Jaguars

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Did he just sign a one year deal last year with Detroit?

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Jags need a CB:


He fits their need for slot CB

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Jags lost a CB to Texans today.

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Three-year, $19 million deal, with $9.5 million guaranteed.


Good for DJ. Playing with Ramsey and Bouye will make him better.

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Nice deal for DJ. Glad to see him get a good contract.

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Dang it! There’s no way I can root for him now unless it’s against a divisional opponent that needs to lose, or against the Patriots or Cowboys.

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Nice contract. He’s basically the 3rd biggest Coog in the league behind Case and WJ3 at this point.

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I have no problem rooting for DJ to do well against everyone but Case. And as long as he doesn’t intercept Case, I would like him to have a good game against him as long as Case wins.

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Outstanding news for DJ.

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To replace Colvin, the Jaguars signed veteran cornerback D.J. Hayden, a Houston native who starred at the University of Houston.

“We’re looking for D.J. to come in and do what Aaron did,” Marrone said. We feel D.J. has been a pretty good player on the outside, so he’ll give us flexibility with a couple of different things.”

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