Do you see any hope for next year?

CB Colin Samuel (UCLA grad transfer) is also to apply for medical red-shirt

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We haven’t had transfers like this before. It’s a different age with the transfer portal. Not all will be great, but we basically have a whole new defense coming in. Much more talent and much more depth

The biggest thing will go back to the O-line. Hopefully the experience helped those guys.


Good catch. He’ll be quality depth.

To answer the original question, yep.

Any hope?


We need better quarterbacking, a more consistent offensive line…and BETTER DEFENSE!!!

In other words, that’s a pretty tall order.

But being the polly prez…I ALWAYS expect that we’ll deliver!


We are returning a huge amount of players with starting experience and adding a ton a transfers as well. We should be a MUCH better team. Coaching is not going to improve though.


My answer: yes


In this league every team is one good safety and a couple of good plays away from being historically fantastic.

10-2 or better next year.
Book it.


The season literally just ended. A lot can happen between now and next September. Who knows what we will be next season.

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It is possible we pick up several more transfers with immediate eligibility.

I have more faith in the future of the defense than the future of the offense. Tune makes too many bone headed mistakes that really killed our chances tonight.

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Hopefully the offense will be singing a different tune next season.

Rebellions are built on hope…


I remember when Case Keenum threw 6 picks against Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl. Kevin Kolb threw 5 picks against UTEP. I am confident Tune will be a really good QB for us. When you are constantly under heavy pressure and are forced to hurry throws, you get nights like tonight; it happens.

Next year we should have a better, more mature and experienced OL that can give him better protection.


Exactly a young qb who’s had to learn 2 different offensive schemes…I def see the talent there.

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Is this thread a good idea to start right after a loss?


Nope, road schedule is too tough, no way 10-2, lol

Just wondering . . . . . Did you get your degree in just ONE YEAR at university ? ? ? ? ?

Beat Tulane