Does Anyone Really Think Herman is Staying?

Over the last 24 hours, I wonder IF he is really leaving by all the things he is saying about the team. I just read he told some team members straight up that he’s here with us no matter what.

I have believed in what he has said and have thought he was a stand up guy not like what happen to us with Briles and Sumlin. If indeed he can say all the things about loving it here in Houston and his team and then leaves, then I will have probably lost faith in what a football coach ever has to say.

Hopefully he will end this tomorrow by saying once for all he is staying and all the reports are false or he will take one of the jobs at LSU or Texas that he has been negotiating with,

Just get it over and let’s get on with next season( and the bowl game),


Like someone told me: it’s the University of Houston, not the University of Herman. Life goes on. Tilman will get us fixed up.


He’s staying. He’s buying into all the “I love these guys, they can win a championship” talk he’s been repeating for the last year.

Disclaimer: I am not even close to sober right now so don’t trust me. I have no sources.


To be honest, I don’t really care.

If he stays, good. We need continuity. If he leaves, good, we need stability and he clearly isn’t providing it.


I am hoping for the best…but expecting the worst.


I 100% beleive he is staying. I am not going to waste time explaining why I do because everyone is too emotional to even listen this week.


I think he stays

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I think he doesn’t’ go to LSU or Austin - in large part because their alumni are tools. Not sure about some other schools though.

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Aaah., Finally this must be my drinking buddy, Diogenes. Cheers.

Seen a lot of UH fans make the argument we’re a bunch of tools.

Would like for him to stay and build a program, but those days seem all but over.

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