Does Appelwhite get three years?


If so, these three years could probably be worse than Levine. I worry that the program may be totally irrelevant by then. I worried when he was hired that it was a mistake. Way too low key and low energy.

(Katie) #2

He is the worst. I hated the hire.

(Cary) #3

I honestly believe at this point we will be 5-6. Unless he cleans house and rehires new coordinators, he’s gone after two, but damn that is a big buyout.


Only way we can be 6-6 is if we go 6-5 regular season and lose the bowl game

(Cary) #5

Bad math on my part. 5-6 no bowl.


What 2 regular seaosn games do we win? I will count ECU. 2nd worst team we play put 60+ points on the team we just lost to


I am trying to stay calm. But I am embarrassed… this loss will hurt for a while. 45 points to the worst team in football. There is something wrong.

(Eric) #8

I can’t handle 3 years of this. It will ruin our program.

Our program was trending up over the last decade and this is a huge setback.

I didn’t like this hire but I was willing to give it a shot. It’s clear now that it is low energy, boring football.


I have to believe that Dr. Khator and Mr. Fertitta will not stand for this to continue. If I remember correctly, the mandate was nine wins or greater.

(Eric) #10

I certainly hope that’s the case. This style of football will set us back years if we stick with it.

(Brad) #11

The OC hire is the problem. Fire him now.


It’s obvious to me he’s not a head coach. Just because you’re a good assistant doesn’t mean you’ll be good HC. If we continue to see this, next year could be a big one for MA.


He’d hire the same style coach. The AD, President, Chairman would have to force a different style OC on him


We need to start a petition addressing Fertitta and Khatoor for a new HC hire

(itcoog) #15

Of course he gets theee years.


Im not so sure with the way his contract was structured.

(shharper01) #17

How was it structured that gives you hope for two years? I believe there’s no chance he stays fewer than three years.

We just didn’t get that much interest in the HC position.

(Al) #18

There isn’t a single reason for our lack of competitiveness this year?
– QB: The #1 nationally recruited QB didn’t get it done; neither has a reliable replacement QB. Is it on the QB? Isn’t it time to consider DK?
– OLine: Thank the good Lord we had GW last year. How many plays did he make with his legs? How could we have no ground game today playing against a 3-man D for most of the day? (Maybe I over-exaggerate) Are we recruiting to fill this need?
– Defense: Recognizing that Tulsa (1-4) is a 99% running offense, how can we not defend that? (I sure hope Oliver’s injury isn’t serious. If so, they should just sit him until he’s completely healed.)
– Talent: I’ll never criticize our student athletes, but is it possible our cupboard is more “bare” than what we thought?
– Coaching: Are our schemes designed to accommodate the players we have, or are they just sorely lacking?

Lastly: How do we, or can we, recover from this loss? For the rest of the season? A disappointing, bitter loss.


Just that it makes much less painful to jettison him.

(itcoog) #20

We should have hired the guy that whipped applewhite today.