Does Nate Hinton Have What it Takes to Move onto NBA Draft Boards?!

In today’s game, there are more and more telling signs of what tools are necessary to project a college player to the next level. That being said, simply not enough people are talking about Nate Hinton as a NBA prospect. Coming off his freshman season, Hinton put up nice numbers across the board while being one of the stingiest defensive players in the country. At 6-foot-5 with positional flexibility and an excellent two-way identity, it seems like he could be the next breakout star in college basketball.

The more one dives into Hinton’s advanced numbers, the easier it is to see just how special he truly is. In sorting things out, Hinton is the only freshman guard in the last ten years to play at least 700 minutes, shoot 85% or higher from the line, and have a defensive rating of 89 or lower. After removing the free-throw stipulation, he joins only Marcus Smart and Ke’Ron Brown. No matter how it’s diced up, Hinton comes out looking like one of the best defensive guards in the country. That being said, he’s also a very productive offensive threat with two-way versatility and the necessary skillset to pique the interest of NBA scouts throughout the upcoming season.

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Is he finally healthy from the broken nose and the sickness during summer?

I think he played in all of the games in Italy.

I hope the NBA is after half of our team after this season. That means great things will have happened.


No, he got to go, but didn’t get to play. He should be fine now.


Really excited to see the jump Hinton makes this year.


I hope he stays ALL 4 years…but then again, I ain’t a slimy lying sports agent !!

Just want my Coogs to win…



I think he understands that he is required to get his degree. But we will see!


Good Lord guys, we have had a couple of successful seasons and now folks are talking about national championships and guys leaving early for the draft.
First, as coach Lewis could vow if he was still alive, it is not easy to win a national championship even if you have elite talent, especially with teams like Duke, Kentucky, Kansas et all recruiting even more elite players. But like TT showed last year…get hot at the right time and have things fall in place and it can happen, or at least get close to happening.
As far as Hinton or any other Coog going into the draft we will have to wait and see. Hard to envision Hinton being a first round draft pick as a one year starter. Not saying it can’t happen, but we might wait and see how good he is this year. Ditto for others like Jarreau, who just might be ready for the next level. The proof remains in the playing pudding.
I am elated the way our program is taking off with coach Sampson, and I love the fact that we should now expect to be in the playoffs every year.
And hey, you can’t make the final four or win a title without being a playoff contender first.
Can’t wait for the basketball season to start…but once again you have to prove it on the court…


Oh shut up, Butch and enjoy the good times.
It’s a good time to be alive during this new golden era of UH basketball :basketball:. :muscle:

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Who is “requiring” him to get his degree ?

If your answer is either himself or his parents…I’m OK with that !

I think Hinton will play at least through his junior year regardless of his numbers. If he just wanted to make the charts and skip out he could have stayed on the East Coast and gotten prime visibility. He came to be around the Sampsons.