Does this mean we are going after smaller, faster receivers again?

(G.W.) #1

It was fun watching Vincent Marshall against Rice go for 300 yards receiving.
As much as I love Bonner and Dunbar for their great hands and route running, Marshall, Edwards, Carrier, Alridge could run faster backwards.

(Bryant Hargrave) #2

Don’t forget Avery as well.

(G.W.) #3

Dang, forgot Avery. I think it was Avery’s 300 yard game…apologies.
That guy could flat out fly!

Also, if they are big and fast that is okay too.

(Charles) #4

There’s a direct correlation between our no longer recruiting speedy receivers and our offensive woes imho.

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In the Dino Babers version of this offense, he recruits running backs and makes them his inside guys. Uses huge guys outside.

With so few spots available in this class KB may have to go that route for the short term.

Looking at our current RBs. Cant say anyone stands out for that type move based on skill set and RBs depth is thin. J. Williams in this role when he gets on campus?

As an aside:
We need Kelan Walker to be good…right away.

(Patrick) #6

Mitchell might work.

(Ben) #7

Briles offense evolved into bigger WR that are fast. Several are in the NFL now


We have some big and fast receivers on our roster and a couple coming in. It seems this move was calculated.


Yup, it was Avery. Him and Alridge set the record. Avery had 346 receiving and Alridge 205 rushing. I only know the exact numbers because it’s in my computer desktop rotation.

Alridge aka Quick 6 and Avery would constantly proclaim to be the fastest on the team and of course Avery would have nothing of it. Great friendly competition where they pushed each other to great achievements.


We want the best. If they’re small and fast, or big and fast, we want the best.

The best WRs want to align with a program that will catapult them into the NFL.


i think someone noted it …speed isnt a necessity in the briles offense…the ability to catch the ball down the field is

baylor didnt have that many fast recievers…they had receivers who could win jump balls consistently

houston went for small fast recievers becuase we couldnt recruit bigger ones with talent…we found small skinny kids who ran real 4.4 (4.3 with avery) and built them to have decent frames … it was more of a ,making what we can get work… but we arent 2006 houston any more


I still remember the quote - “I want the guy who you can put into a 10 by 10 room and no one can catch him.”

(G.W.) #13

I remember after Briles third year the size and speed of the athletes he got at WR dramatically got better.
They had some tall guys who could fly.
We can get to that point as well. But speed with good hands is essential.


Gordon and Coleman ran 4.3
Wright, Cannon, Zamora ran 4.4
Williams ran a 4.5

Plenty of speed


If any depth at CB shows up in spring I wouldn’t be surprised to see I. Johnson see reps on offense.

(Patrick) #16

I’d be surprised by that; Johnson has never shown that he can catch the ball which is why he was switched to defense. Even this year, he dropped at least one sure-fire interception and may have dropped more. He’s better suited for CB and did relatively well there this year.

(Mike) #17

Ha! My son played high school ball with Donnie. He wasn’t highly recruited because Hastings ran a dinosaur offense. Pure run with a awesome, shut down D. So Donnie didn’t get too many catches and when they did throw it was ugly. As a result he wasn’t highly recruited.

Point is there is a ton of talent like Avery out there that gets overlooked every year. Drew Brees and Case Keenum are just 2 more. If our coaches actually evaluate recruits instead of getting locked into recruiting cheat sheets, UH will continue to find the Edwards and the Averys that get passed up by the football factories. That’s the fun of it.