Donation Question

(Alfred Matthews) #1

I’m fairly new to this so I figure making a thread you guys can help me.

I want to donate to the basketball and football program monthly. Is there a way I can do that? What site do I need to go to? Not familiar with Cougar Pride and how it works as much as I should know. I should have been asked this question when I graduated.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

(David) #2

Start here and the Donate Now button:

If you don’t find what you are looking for on the site, give them a call. They have been very helpful in the past.

For the Fertitta Center commitments, I did see an option for monthly installments but I am not sure if that is offered on regular Unrestricted Donations.

(Alfred Matthews) #3

ok thanks. one other question, will donating through cougar pride give me points? i guess that’s the term for it.

(WRB) #4

I am pretty sure there is a “payment plan” for any type of donation you want to make. Like CougarDave said, if you don’t see it, call them. They have always been very helpful to me when I had donation questions.

(Alfred Matthews) #5

Thanks will do.

I should have been started donating. what a bad alumni I am. LOL

(WRB) #6

Never too late. Haha

(David) #7

Per the link I sent, Young Alumni get 4x the points. It’s a good deal if you are a Young Alumnus.

4x Multiplier on all Cougar Pride “Unrestricted” donations and/or “Football/Basketball Per Seat” commitment payments:
(Example: If a Cougar Pride Young Alumni member wanted to be at the All-American Club giving level ($1,000), he/she would only need to make a donation of $250 to receive all benefits at that level)

(Alfred Matthews) #8

i actually called and a gentleman named Zach was kind enough to help me and got me set up. I’m in the all conference club now and will donate 80 dollars a month starting next month.

(Mike Higdon) #9

There used to be a “First & Ten” program where you could have an amount you designate chrged to your credit card or debited to your bank account on the 1st of every month. I did that for a long time and only quit because of the need to lump all of my years donation for TDECU seats at the time seats were being selected. I’m sure you can still do it though.

(WRB) #10



Received an email today from Cougar Pride that we can set up monthly payments. Just give them a call. I have been paying throughout the CP fiscal year for the past 4 or 5+ years. Don’t need a formal plan if you are sending them checks. If you want CP to direct debit your bank then I am sure there are forms to provide them authorization. I am old fashioned and send them checks to the CP office at TDECU.

(Alfred Matthews) #12

i had mine debited monthly through my debit card.