Done with Matt Thomas

(Jimmy Morris) #1

Catch the start of his show on the way to run some errands. I get that there isn’t enough people interested in talking about UH sports every day listening to his show. It starts off like this though. He says, “I tweeted to see how much we should talk about the Texans.” Goes on to list answers, 0, 0,0, zero, zilch, talk about the Astros, talk about the Rockets, talk about Cougar basketball, etc. He throws in that he isn’t going to talk about Cougar basketball for 2.5 hours. Then goes on for the next 20 minutes talking about why no one wants to talk about the Texans and how much women like Kliff Kingsbury. Later he goes on a rant about how huge this non conference game is tonight for the Rockets against the Bucks. Goes on to talk about Kliff some more, Jalen Hurts and more on the Rockets.

If he believes the Rockets game against the Bucks is more important to the Rockets season than the Cougars game against Temple is to the Cougars season, I have to believe he has just become a complete sellout and is just sucking the teet of the cow that feeds him.


Not everybody from Houston is a cougar


The best people in any given field are trend setters. Matt Thomas is a trend follower. Nuff said.

(Jimmy Morris) #4

I feel like you missed this part. “I get that there isn’t enough people interested in talking about UH sports every day listening to his show.”

No one is asking him to talk only about the Cougars or even talk about the Cougars every day. But when he spends more time talking about the Astros having Spring training work outs in 7 weeks than talking about 15-0 nationally ranked Cougars toughest conference matchup to date and probably the season so far, it screams that he knows very little about the team or their opponents and would rather just gossip.


I know he is a Coog, but his show is barely one grade above awful. His side-kick/producer is better than him.


He thinks his shtick about strippers is funny.


Matt Thomas IS a Coogar…


What do you all want him to talk about for more than 3 minutes that will engage a casual follower?
He can talk about the facilities/atmosphere, the change Kelvin has made to the program and how they play tough defense… but do you think rando Houston fan wants to listen to someone breakdown our lineup aside form “hey, the bench is good”?

I love to listen to talk about Cougar hoops (shout out to the Scott and Holman Pawdcast!), but rando Houstonian would be lost within a minute.

How about someone call in and help drive his discussion. He needs callers to get through his time and stir up conversation… and if he has to talk in depth Cougar hoops with you that might break the ice a little more… but if you think he’s about to start talking about Nate Hinton unprompted you’re delusional.


He’s also employed by the Houston Rockets. Duh


In any given hour, on any given day, at any point of the year… who even gives a ratsass what matt thomas talks about at all?

(Tom Green) #11

Some of us do! And if there is one radio person who promotes the Coogs it’s MT. As already mentioned he can only bring them up so much. He’s wears his Coogs shirts a lot n I think is nothing but a positive to have for Coog nation.


But isn’t 790 the flagship for the Astros? I’m sure he is obligated to have segments of Astros talk. Also, he works for the Rockets and is a BIG Houston sports fan in general and will talk about all the teams that are relevant. Plus, I think even though he wants to talk UH, he spreads it out so that he doesn’t come off as a “homer”. I also think that he caters to his audience, knowing that there are all different backgrounds in town who listen to his show. His producer, Ross Villarreal is a longhorn by the way. Trust me, at this moment, he is probably checking the UH basketball score on his phone as he preps for the Rockets game tonight.


Mr. Green, I get it… and I’m not anti-Matt Thomas one bit. Nice guy. But a lot of us wear our Coog shirts and everything. I just don’t care for his talk show or what he has to say, that’s all. So I surely won’t get all bent over what he says or doesn’t say. When we were riding the Sumlin wave of excitement I tended to hang all over who was saying what about us on the radio, etc… couldn’t get enough of it. But man I just don’t care anymore. I feel everyone in the media is selling something regardless of where they went to school and all that. And i’m just getting old and grumpy and saving my givea***** for Saturdays (and sometimes Thursdays and Fridays).

(snoopcoog) #14

If you want to hear Matt talk Cougars, call in and talk Cougars. It’s not hard.

(David) #15

Matt Thomas is to sports talk radio like Entertainment Tonight is to news. If you consider his show more entertainment than sports talk, you won’t be as frustrated. I gave up trying to listen because it is mostly bachelor party talk. I prefer John & Lance in the morning when they stay on sports topics. During the day I would listen to CP. But everyone likes different things.


I really like John and Lance, but rare are the times they stay on sports. I don’t mind sports talk shows mixing it up with different topics or general banter.

(Chris) #17

A few years back I used to stream in his show. I have posted about this before. He would talk to a U of H Coach like if he was the Mickey dees drive through attendant (no pun intended) A couple of minutes later he would talk to the atm or utau Coach. His demeanor changed entirely. This was as if he was talking to POTUS. I used to call in the Dan Patrick sports show on KSEV in the 80’s.
Matt was Dan’s producer then. Maybe one day he will portray the same respect to his alma mater.

(Mark Shapiro) #18

I love his show. He makes me laugh out loud. Whether or not you like his show, it’s a personal taste. But, to question his affection of UH is ridiculous. He loves this school and the athletic department as much as anybody that posts on this board.

I think people hear what they want to hear. I honestly believe that there are some on this board that are extremely thin skinned and looking to be offended. Chris (not saying you are one of the thin-skinned people) - what you view as being disrespectful, I view as familiarity. He might be closer with the UH coaches and have a different relationship with them than he does with the UH or ATM coaches. That could be why there is a different demeanor.


Matt Thomas is one of the best local talk show hosts that loves UH athletics, so if you don’t mind my saying, the person who started this thread apparently has an axe to grind against Thomas, in which case, my best advice to him is to not listen to his show.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

haha That’s funny. Matt Thomas was the one I’ve listen to over all others because he does occasionally mention the Cougars. So the axe to grind is just dumb. If there is any axe to grind in this thread, it’s you.