Done with Matt Thomas

(Tom Green) #21

Couldn’t have said it better Mark. He has a different relationship w UH coaches than he has w other coaches at whichever University. When he had CMA on weekly they would kid ea other back n forth, only time I would see CMA take off his Serious hat on interviews was w MT. MT is a MC along w Worrell of course at a lot of UH events so he has many interactions w UH coaches that many don’t see. Anyway there’s not many Hou radio people that push the UH brand but MT does very much imo, just has be careful how much he does it or he’ll lose the majority of his listeners.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #22

He talks about the Cougars all the time. Are you sure he was not just saying that because of the heartbreak the other night? I agree the show is not that great but probably pretty good by today’s standards in this city, but he has always gives us some good run.

(SK) #23

Nearly all sports radio is now garbage but Matt does a solid job. Rockets apologist but we’d all do it if they wrote our checks.

(Jimmy Morris) #24

It was the afternoon before the heartbreak. He pushed hard that the Rockets game was a very important game to watch. Might as well been an advertisement for the Houston Rockets and he did want to hype the Temple game because that opposed his “sponsor.”

(Tom Green) #25

MT just had CKS on his show for 13 mins. Just saying! :smirk: