Don't recognize this team

(Gt) #1

No offensive line, defense isn’t consistent with some terrible back coverage, special teams blows big coverage. Qb avg.

So many holes in the team now. I thought we had some good drafts. Don’t know what to say.

It’s been tough since Applewhite has coached. Hope there’s some light in all of this.

go coogs.


We’re playing good football. Memphis is a very good team and we’re playing them tough.

(CoogDentist) #3

The defense did not stop them at all in the 2nd half. What the hell are you smoking.


They did stop them once, after the fumble but before the interception

(Brad) #5

The defense gave up 42 points in a single half. That is a pace to allow 84 points in a game. It doesn’t get any worse than that.


Technically 35. Special teams gave up 7

(Nick K) #8

and you shouldn’t recognize this team because we have lost so many of the top contributors the last two years…we just don’t have the experience and talent at some positions that we should.
i don’t think the coaching is the main issue…i just don’t think we enough talent and experience at the moment. hopefully the young talented guys are getting that and some more talent will be coming. i think we need a couple jr college interior oline guys to help the running game and an upgrade at running back for next season


We just played basically the exact same Memphis team that we played a year ago. We played them this year as well as we did last year, if not better… We had the experience and talent to walk out with a W last night…and we should have. Bad game management by our staff. Terrible.

(CoogDentist) #10

We are 4-3 only bc of our experience and talent. If we had coaching we would be much better.