Down goes Frasier -- err -- Alabama!

(PortlandCoog) #1

Auburn wins 26-14.

Bet Bama still gets in “playoff” while Sconi and UCF get left out.


I wouldn’t be shocked if the playoff winds up being Bama, ACC champ, Wisconsin, SEC champ

(Paul Marlow) #3

(Jimmy Morris) #4

If Auburn beats Georgia next week, it gets really messy in the top 4. Hopefully UCF beats Memphis next week but I think Memphis has been playing better and it’s hard to beat the same team twice. Even if both are home games.


I noted this in the offseason when we were talking about USF having to beat UH in Tampa twice (lol) but that really isn’t borne out in the record books. The home team has an overwhelmingly positive record in home CCGs where they’ve already beaten the other team at home. And that makes sense – traveling to a road stadium on short notice is tough, and if they’ve already beaten you AND they’re hosting the CCG, it’s usually a pretty good sign that they’re the better team. If the trend holds, the Tigers’ chances are pretty slim.

(Eric Prado) #6

I thought the same thing haha

(Jimmy Morris) #7

Don’t forget the x-factor. UCF is in the same exact boat we were when we finished 12-0. Even if Frost doesn’t take the Nebraska job this week, the players will be distracted. Memphis had a rough first half with a lot of mistakes against us and since that halftime, they have been pretty special ever since.

(Mark) #8

Not as messy as Georgia beating Auburn. You’d have two SEC teams with legitimate playoff arguments and also the committee isn’t leaving Alabama out.


Alabama will not make playoffs. I realize they beat Mercer, just saying.


What if OU, Auburn, Clemson and Wisconsin win? What argument does Bama have to get into the playoffs?

(G.W.) #11

Another year like last. Bama, like Ohio State will fail to win their division, but will go the the playoffs…especially if UGA wins the rematch.

(David) #12

It’s finally happening – the CFP is going to be a cluster this year! Do they leave out a 1-loss Alabama? If not, do they leave out the SEC Champ? What if Ohio State beats Wisconsin, OU beats TCU – does the CFP leave out the B10 for the first time?

You know that the SEC will get one of the slots (Alabama or SEC Champ). The ACC Champ will get one probably (although not a lock if Miami beats Clemson). OU is probably in if they beat TCU. Would they really leave out the PAC12 and B10 champs?

My hope is that:

  1. Auburn beats Georgia so the SEC Champ is a 2-loss team
  2. TCU beats OU so the Big XII Champ is a 2-loss team
  3. Ohio State beats Wisconsin so the B10 Champ is a 2-loss team
  4. PAC12? Doesn’t matter…winner will have 2 losses
  5. UCF beats Memphis and is the only Conf Champ with an undefeated record (but regardless I think the winner of the AAC game is the NY6 auto bid for the G5)

I think I saw where the CFP Committee has never given a spot to a 2-loss team and has never excluded the B10 or SEC. This scenario will be great because how do you shut out more than 1 conference champ to allow two SEC teams into the CFP? And, if you don’t allow two SEC teams into the CFP, either Alabama or the SEC Champ is left on the outside looking in and there will be an uproar. PAC12 seems to be out regardless. The Big XII will be out if TCU wins. But how can you have a true “playoff” with a bunch of 2-loss teams and one that did not even play in their conference championship? This is great…