Dr Doom!

(Mark Shapiro) #1

I know it’s not Cougar related, but I am beyond excited. Robert Brazille was FINALLY elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It is long overdue. It’s a real shame that it took so long. I truly believe that if we would have won just 1 of those Steeler games, he would have been enshrined a long time ago.

Next to Earl Campbell, Doom is one of my all time favorite Oilers. I couldn’t be more excited.

(J V ) #2

(5) stars for your post

(Patrick) #3

Deserved it a long time ago…glad he finally made it in.

(Mark Shapiro) #4

Funny story. A few years ago I bought some furniture from Star in Sugar Land. The delivery guy shows up. He sees a picture in my office of Earl Campbell. He says, “Wow, that’s back when my brother played”. I asked who his brother was his reply was “you probably never heard of him but my brother is Robert Brazille”. Sure enough, I looked at his name badge and it said “Brazille”.

Poor guy, I geeked out all over him. I think I scared him.

I fondly remember Jim Corolla in the Astrodome announcing “#52…DOOOOOM”

(Jerrycoog) #5

Bum Phillips always said Robert Brazile was Lawrence Taylor before Lawrence Taylor.


The value of his jersey I have just jumped a bit.


I hate to say it but I loved the Oilers as much as I loved the Coogs. For whatever reason my passionate love affair with all things Oilers hasn’t morphed into even a passing interest with the Texans. I just can’t build any affinity to the Texans. I don’t hate them, I just don’t have any interest.


I too loved the Oilers and would make would watch them every Sunday. I tried to be a Texan fan but it was not and is not the same. I have moved on from the NFL and Case is the only reason I watch any NFL now.


I don’t know any true Oilers fan that wouldn’t agree with your post! I miss the Oilers and the TEXANS will never replace them. Colombian Blue, Red, and White can not be replaced ever as well as that Oil Derrick on the helmets…

(jimmyschofield) #10

It’s because we grew up with the Oilers as “youngsters.” Now we’re all just old. lol

(Monte P Gilliam) #11

I was a huge Oiler fan from early 60s when i was a boy…I will always be an Oiler fan, and have zero use for the Texans…i really miss Sundays when they played.


excuse me, those of us in our sixties with our bad backs and shot knees are the new hunks. lol

(Mark Shapiro) #13

Like many of you, I was raised on the Oilers. However, I am still a Texan fan. I have season tickets and I enjoy doing to the games. However, I am not as emotionally invested in the Texans as I was for the Oilers…or Cougars or Astros for that matter. Maybe someday, but not now. When the Oilers lost, it ruined my week. When the Texans lose, it’s “oh well”.


What would it take to buy back the Oiler name and get rid of the current generic name with zero history or tradition?

Houston deserves to have their original franchise and play their traditional rivals.



Like the Browns did. I agree bring back the Oilers.


When the Oilers moved to deliverance land the NFL basically told Houston fans to F off and allowed Bud “It’s my team and I can do anything I want” Adams to retain the name Oilers in all forms. When the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore the NFL forced the franchise to give the name Browns to Cleveland and Cleveland was promised a new expansion franchise.
When Houston was awarded the franchise that L.A. didn’t want the NFL made it known they would not permit the name “Roughnecks” for the new team so McNair went with Texans which was a left over name from the team that the AFL placed in Dallas. That franchise later moved to Kansas City and is now known as the Chiefs. So now we have the franchise that Los Angeles did not want and the name that Dallas ignored.