Dropped Passes Info- Nationally


(jimmyschofield) #2

Is there any info on G5 teams? I’d guess our receivers have more than 17 drops this season?


it says McSorley drop % is “worst of any QB” and “double that of any QB in AP Top 25”…no G5 mentioned



(zx504) #6

Not sure I understand how a QB should be held accountable for their drop rate when a drop is being defined based on “catchable passes.”
And just how does one “work on their drop rate?”
If it’s “catchable” and the receiver “drops” it then it’s on the receiver to “catch” it.

That’s why in baseball they have a “passed ball” and “wild pitch” error category.
If the catcher should have caught the pitch then it’s a “passed ball” and the error is credited to the catcher.
If the pitch was not “catchable” then the error is credited to the pitcher.


I don’t think they are blaming QB. More like pointing out which ones have had numbers affected by drops