Drug cartels have US Sniper guns

I didn’t know those 50 cal guns that shoot from more than mile away were sold. Scary stuff.

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I can go down the street and get one this afternoon. The civilian version. I have seen guys shoot them at the range. It gets everyone’s attention.

Like down the street in the Neighborhood!! :cold_face::exploding_head::flushed:. You might want to Move!


Lol…but he is not like a bad gun runner…he doesn’t sell to kids or anything.

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Ohhh ok. I still would keep him ‘Off your Lawn’ Yikes!! :grin::smile:


We stay away from him on the 4th of July. His interpretation of fireworks is pretty extreme.


That’s where the fast and furious guns went…


Thanks, Eric Holder. Also, they only pierce armor when using armor piercing ammunition. And, they won’t pierce just any armor. There is actually 50 cal proof body armor. Oh, the bullet will leave a mark, but you’ll live.

They have a great legitimate use in civil society. 1) Maintain a civil society 2) great fun at the range and even more fun if you get to a place were you can actually try to hit a target 1 mile away.

Helpful tips on firing a 50 BMG:

More fun with a 50 BMG:
Skip to 6:00 for the 50 cal action.

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There is a great divide in this country.


Here we go… :grin:

Not at all. Totally not the P word.

There is a cultural divide. There is a cultural divide on almost every topic.

The divide may be more prominent on certain subjects but it is there on every subjects.

How one washes their clothing, what they eat, how they drink, who is a more import influence outside their home, how and where they work.

It goes on and on and on.

We are not one type of people we are a great mosaic.



The traditional motto of the United States. It was never officially adopted as the US motto, but was added to the Great Seal of the United States by an act of Congress in 1782. Many considered it to be the “de facto” motto until Congress adopted “In God We Trust” during the Red Scare in 1956.

Our many different flavors are what makes America great. It’s also a source of constant strife.

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What about accepting that we have different opinions? Isn’t this the key to our freedom.
Why some are afraid to even express their own political views fearing that they are going to be ostracised?
We gotta be able to freely express our own believes. The so called political choice is one of the main reasons of why we can’t express our political views. Views are distorted for clear intents. This has got to stop.
I do not agree with someone political views?
So what?
Does that warrant calling you or me a racist?
Do you all realize how dangerous this can be?

This is a thread about culture not politics.

You bring up an interesting topic but the powers that be don’t want us to go there.

In some cultures you have a fruit plate and low fat yogurt for breakfast in other cultures you have 7 eggs and a stack of ham.

More or less, the yogurt people don’t have guns and the seven egg folks do.

There are people that rise with the eagles in the morning and others that hoot with the owls at night.


How would anything to do with guns make you a racist?

And how do you change a conversation about guns into whether or not you are a racist?

Look into the mirror and ask yourself if you are a racist. The dictionary definition is clear.

Only you really know the truth.

Don’t let others define who you are.

Lastly, I have seen those guns before and agree that they are quite impressive.They put my AR’s to shame.

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Where do the ones that just have 2 EGGS n 2 slices of bacon fall into. And I sometimes like to roaarrr with the Cougars in the afternoon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or the people who travel for work and have ham and eggs but tell their wife they had yogurt and a fruit plate? LOL ( wife “ weird your eating healthy but your clothes look tight.” Me, “I know right…weird”.)

I enjoy guns, hunting and shooting. I knew not everyone does but it was shocking and entertaining the reaction I got from people in Europe who have very restricted access to guns. Then just for shock value I told them each of my kids had guns too, watching jaws hit the ground was pretty funny.

Last year I was at a gun shop, looking at a 50 cal. Another customer and the sales guy got into a discussion about who would ever need a 50 cal. We agreed there is no real practical purpose for it? Home defense? Nope, unless you are trying to shoot someone hiding behind a fridge a few houses down. Hunting? Not really, the kinetic energy leaves little behind. So why get one? Simply put, well, because we can.

I am not sure of the original intent of the OP. Truly shocked about narcos having them or just to blame Fast and Furious. But with the access of 3 D printers, unregistered ghost guns are a real concern.

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I’ll just stay off your lawn! Wheww…too much.

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My yard is fine, the gun guy I get them from, yeah, stay off his yard…lol

:flushed: :cold_face: :worried:

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