Duke Catalon Highlights. A 1000yd rusher?


the hype train continues!!!

our new offensive system almost always produces a 1000yd rusher. our new OC has never had a year with him calling plays without him producing a 1000yds rusher, and last year almost had a 2000yd rusher

houston has had 1 total 1000yd season from a ‘Running Back’ since 2009…the last time this offense was in houston we had a 1500yd rb…

everyone talks about how they expect the new oc and offense to work wonders for the QB, when the biggest beneficiaries might be the RBs

and 2 headed monster rb duos seem to be all the rage… mixon/perine…chubb/michel…henry/yeldon… does houston have a monster RB duo next year? this is thunder…ill post lightning tomorrow


Uh… No!

(Ricardo Montano) #3

Can’t wait to see Car and Catalon kill it next season!


why not?

devin singletary faus rb did almost 2000yds…i thought he was like saquan barkley doing so unreal stuff …but when i watched he isnt fast, not that shifty either, almost all 2000 of his yards were short yards,he wasnt breaking off huge runs on the regular …there is nothing i saw in his reel that i dont think catalon or car could do… most of his yards are from the system and vast amount of carries…he is smaller, slower, weaker than catalon

herman and applewhite never produced a 1000yd rb rusher as head coach, and Herman inherited the sole 1000yd rusher since 2009 but you put blame on the player not the system?

(Patrick) #5

I think this will be a breakout year for Catalon. Fix the OL and the RB’s will succeed.


Catalon’s success will depend largely on his health. He has been hurt every year he’s been here so far. We’re too late in the game, in my opinion, to “fix” the OL. I think Clements can make some improvements in technique, but I think it’s going to be about the scheme/system for this year. If I remember correctly, Baylor always had good running attacks under both Art Briles and Kendal Briles and the Art Briles UH teams seemed to always have big yardage backs. That makes me think it’s a scheme thing rather than a very good OL or super talented RB thing. One thing is for sure…you cannot successfully stack the box against a Briles offense without getting majorly exposed. On passes the QB gets rid of the ball quickly and on running plays, the defense has to spread itself out to account for motion and lots of receivers. And best of all, it is NOT a highly predictable offensive scheme. I think Catalon can have a breakout year if he can stay healthy and I hope he does. Guess we’ll see this year.


Catalon goes down to easy looking for a place to fall, now Car is a hard bruising running back, I like his efforts much better


i actually have the opposite opinion of that

catalon is the big bruising back, while car is patient…there is almost no plays you see of catalon not getting atleast something postive yds after contact… catalon is decisive in where he wants to go and then goes full steam ahead, and normally drags defenders with him…the problem is there there often isnt much space to run and he runs right into defenders.

car is patient you can see him waiting Behind line for gap and following his blockers before bursting through the holes he sees…this method also has it flaws. while your being patient if you are caught behind the line you are going to dragged backward (you have no forward momentum), that was evident in usf game… there was a 4th and 1, catalon was injured…they had contact with car before he crossed the first…if he had just fallen forward we’d have had the first…but he wasnt in full motion and was dragged backwards…i guarantee you catalon would have gotten the first

car is easier to take down, even though both are very strong

but have there positives and negatives…on 3 yards or shorter im 100% taking catalon…but if we need 4-15 yds im taking car…and if i need 25yd+ im back to catalon…
mulbah is quick but not fast…catalon is fast but not quick…catalon isnt the quickest though holes but is blazing he gets in full stride…car is the opposite he starts blazing but get slowers

(Butch) #9

Too many times when Catalon has gotten to the corner it seems like one tackler has been able to handle him. I think his best game was his first against a strong OU defense.
I agree that he will benefit from the new offense, but only as long as he can stay healthy.
We also have the Walker kid coming in and the staff must be very high on him. I was hoping we would sign the Williams kid from Angleton, who is 6-2, 200 pounds and fast.
I talked to Williams’ dad (I used to work with him at Dow) and he said his son wanted to go to UH, but that Applewhite wanted him as a preferred walk on…lol
Williams decided to stay in state, picking SMU over TT. Arkansas and several other big schools also offered…
I think he would have been ideal for our offense…but you win some and lose some. I will trust Applewhite on this one…


My guess is CMA didn’t want to commit many more scholarships to RBs since we have so many on the roster and have bigger needs elsewhere. Just a guess though.

(Butch) #11

I think you are right…just hated to see us miss out on Williams…but I truly believe Major was higher on Walker, which ok with me…


Yup and haven’t watched a Briles offense if they think it isn’t a run first offense. I think we have 2,000 yard rushers-Catalon and King.


Did you mean (2) 1,000 yard rushers? Having (2) 2,000 yard rushers would be incredible!


Yes. I’m off my coffee today. lol


Get that man some coffee…STAT!

(Jimmy Morris) #16

Unless Catalon changes his style of running, the only chance he has of getting 1000 yards will be us having an offensive line that opens big holes almost every run. He runs too straight up and that results in linebackers stopping him in his tracks when they meet him in the hole. I also have yet to see Catalon still churning his legs when up against a pile. It feels like he gives up soon as he gets stopped.


not sure i agree with that last part

(Jimmy Morris) #18

Hitting a linebacker and defensive back 10 yards down field isn’t exactly what I mean by him being “up against a pile.”