Dusty Baker

The Astros hired Dusty Baker as the manager. I think he’s a good hire and the Astros should do well under him. Replacing Garret Cole will be tough, but such is life. Baker, at age 70, has been given a 2 year contract. I would really love for the Astros to bring back A.J. Hinch after that. I think that would have been punishment enough for AJ.

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I was hoping for Buck Showalter (I’m an Orioles fan and love Buck) but this is exactly what the Astros needed to do…hire an experienced, old guard players’ manager. They will be jumped on by fans and media every time they get to a new city this year (they deserve it but that’s a different story). Baker will be able to handle the heat and keep them loose and still focused. This was no time for someone’s first managerial gig.

My guess is that Dusty got the job because 1) he’s OK with the analytic approach and 2) he was willing to accept a short deal. He’ll manage this year, the Stros will look at where they are and either bring him back for that option year or move on to Joe Espada.

I can’t see Hinch ever managing here again. He’ll sit this year, take a bench coach job and will be back managing a few years after that. He’s still a young guy.