ECU Tickets


Selling my five tickets & blue parking pass for the ECU game if anyone is interested. Tickets are in the front row of section 221. Asking for $50. PM me if interested.


In an effort to get fans into the seats this year, we should just give them away if we’re not using them. It’s not the hot ticket it once was. If UH actually gave tix away, the stadium still would not be full, sadly.

(Cary) #3

Depressingly, I believe you are right. However, he has every right to try and sell them, but I just don’t think you are going to get any takers. People can get good tickets for under $10 on resale sites.

(David) #4

$50 for 5 tickets and a parking pass is basically giving them away and someone who needs 5 together will be getting a bargain. Coogs helping Coogs. I wish him luck.


I ask the ticket office to donate mine to students when I can’t make it.

(WRB) #6

Donated mine (reschedule screwed me) to a charity raffle at work. Fellow Coog bought them.

(shharper01) #7

what did they pay for them?

(WRB) #8

$200. 4 tickets in 307 and an orange parking pass.


Still available. PM me if interested.