Ed Oliver- Bills Season 1

Anyone catching it? How has he looked?

i saw him playing…but he did not show up in the stats…i only watched a little of the game…someone commenting in the reddit for the bills said oliver looked like a stud

Not watching but not showing up on stat sheet so far. Twitter has a couple of highlights that do show his disruption.

Ed started & played well vs 1st All Pro OG -Q Nelson

" Ed Oliver was head-to-head with stud offensive lineman Quenton Nelson and was a problem, taking on a double-team and flushing Jacoby Brissett in consecutive snaps."

Lots about ed in this thread.


Ed going up against Nelson was kind of funny considering that they were the two favorites to win the Lombardi award two season ago. Nelson, and the Notre Dame faithful, were quite upset that Ed, from little ole UH, won it.

Watching the highlights of this game, Ed deserved it.


Remember when we had the All American team introduced each year on Bob Hope’s annual Christmas Special ???
After the Senior Bowl, the All American Defensive End who played across from Riley Odem went undrafted…this is what happens when the BS Hype Machine meets a Cougar !!!


" DT Ed Oliver

Oliver got the start over Jordan Phillips during the game and battled elite guard Quenton Nelson for most of his snaps. He was generally handled by Nelson in his few pass-rushing attempts, but showed up against the run. His ability to stand his ground against double teams and work his way down the line was amazing for a player who’s around 280 lbs. A positive showing for the ninth-overall pick."


That improvement needed comes down to hand work, which he can learn quickly and improve.


Hope he dominates in the NFL. Grateful he came to play for us.


good video analysis here:


That was great to watch ! Nice find!


I think that is the same guy that broke down the Broncos game where Case led them to the comeback win after they had that losing streak. Nice break down.

“He was double teamed on most of the snaps that he took and managed to hold his own in doing so.”


Anybody wanting to watch Big Ed play tonight (or any game during the regular season), Christian’s Tailgate Midtown is the official Bills Backers Bar of Houston.

Sweet. When I go to UH games, I will check that place out on sundays before my pm flight.

I’m headed to a Clearwater, FL bar to a bowling alley/bar that has a Bills crew for the games.

Not the official Bills Backers bar of Tampa. That is a long way away near Busch Gardens/USF.

Tonight is on CBS as the national game.


Can’t believe Major Appledork hired a guy like Donofrio to coach a once-in-a-generation type of player like Ed


I’ve switched back and forth between Astros and FB game, but never saw EO do anything. He whiffed on a runner and over ran QB that I saw. But I watched more Astros game.


I did not watch the game last night but the only comments i could find on the reddit game thread indicated that oliver had problems, needed more coaching etc

I watched several of his snaps I thought he played well. He drew a key double team and pushed both his guys into the pocket which helped another DL to get a sack. Stats don’t always tell the story. That being said there are times he is pressing like too many spin moves to beat his man while the ball carrier is running right by him. He’ll get there. The raw talent is still there and he is still very fun to watch. Just pressing a bit too much but he’s not getting swallowed up by NFL lines by any means.

I’m pretty sure the Lions pulled Stafford a little earlier than they wanted to because he was getting hit. That’s a compliment to the entire DL.