Ed Oliver Bobbleheads For Sale Friday

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He’s going to be a millionaire, and he’s donating half of the proceeds? Is he going to reimburse the University for the cost, since he’s getting 100% of the proceeds?

His drama antics last season soured my outlook on him. I’m sure I’ll get over it at some point, but haven’t yet.

So, no thanks.


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Sorry, no no no :hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::see_no_evil: come on Ed


Agreed. It should be noted that the bobble heads will quit working shortly after they are purchased.


Can’t blame the young man, he is just doing what he has learned from from today’s world. Get that money no matter what.


Applewhite caused THAT whole situation…and he is no longer with the team.

BTW, the coach quit on the team as well. That Jacket incident, inexcusable!

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Jeez, the butthurt still on this board is crazy. This is a win-win for everybody. Good PR, Cougar price gets a donation, and Ed makes a little money.


The guy hasn’t even got drafted yet; let him have his return since he invested his time, love, and passion into the university. I"m sure all of the Oliver jerseys that are floating around didn’t line his pockets as much as the athletic department’s. The NFL is an entirely different set of income. He’s earned it. Stop being bitter old men!

EDIT: I swear, some of ya’ll sound like aggys, and you know exactly what I mean!


Man, people are still mad that he sat? He’s a 21-year old kid who has a chance to go top 5 in the draft. If he gets injured, he likely falls way down the line. Remember Laremy Tunsil? Guy was projected to go #1, video came out of him smoking weed ten minutes before the draft, and he fell to #13. Between contract and signing bonus, the #1 pick made $26,734,657 more than Tunsil. The draft is fickle, and you can’t fault players for not wanting to risk getting injured, especially when Tunsil fell 12 spots for something as trivial as smoking weed. Sure, it sucks as a fan, but you can’t be mad at the kid.


Great move by UH. The issue will only get bigger about college athletes not controlling their image and people making millions off them so this is a good move showing we care about the players. We should do something like this for all our star players when they finish their last season. Sell #10 jerseys with Oliver on them and split that profit as well. Make some Corey Davis Jr shirts to help put some money in his pocket for the hard summer he will face trying to reach his dreams.

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With Oliver’s likeness being used, proceeds from the sale will go to the 2017 Outland Trophy winner, who will be donating 50 percent of the proceeds to Houston Athletics and Cougar Pride.
_ _
The 108 bobbleheads will be available for $100 each, limited to two per customer and will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sale will start at 6 p.m., at the ticket window located at ICON Gate 2 on TDECU Stadium’s southeast corner. Credit cards and cash will be accepted.

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He’s already done more for UH in terms of ticket sales, jersey sales, hype, recruiting and eyes on TVs than all of us commenting have ever done and will ever do.


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That incident is on Ed in my opinion! Hopefully he has learned from his poor reaction.


If you’re going to still be whining about something as dumb as that incident, go watch the NBA


Coach had full control of that. Applewhite knew his days were numbered. A stinking Jacket on a cold day and you bring about THAT confusion??!

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Look, if you don’t want a bobblehead, don’t buy one. They sell these to people who want them as supplies last and the school gets $5000+ and he gets the same, win win.

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This thread serves no purpose but to cause friction.