Ed Oliver gets best of Khalil Tate in Houston's rout

When the Wildcats tried to block Oliver one-on-one, bad things happened for the Wildcats. Three of his four quarterback pressures in the first half were against solo matchups, and he even burst through one double team to stuff a third-and-2 rushing attempt. On two different occasions, Oliver wound up in the backfield after running around an offensive lineman, and we literally mean running around him, untouched and all. These eyes got their first live production of the Ed Oliver Show and against a Power 5 program at that. The stories are true. He’s a quick, tenacious player who, at least by this group, could not be blocked by a single man. And he knows it. “Looked pretty special to me,” a smiling Oliver said afterward. “We’ve been practicing (to) contain Khalil Tate all week.”

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Ed is special indeed; but yesterday, there were a lot of other guys playing just as well.

We are really going to miss Garrett Davis, Austin Robinson, Emeke Egbule, and Alexander Myres. Those guys have really stepped it up this year.


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