Ed Oliver playing?

Buffalo up 21-0 but Ed Oliver is noton the statistics. Is he playing? Just curious.

He’s there now. Registered a QB hit.

ERob has 3 tackles, 2 solo for the Dolphins.

Edit: Matt Adams has a tackle for the Colts and Bowser is ballin’.

DJ has 5 tackles for Jacksonville.

Isaiah Johnson has 2 tackles for the Vegas Raiders


Ward Jr with 4 catches for 24 yards and a punt return. Nice to see him on an opening day roster.


Las Vegas Raiders sounds wierd.


I live in California and work in the military out here. I have said Vegas Raiders so many times to trigger coworkers, I have gotten used to it.


What do you do in the military? Don’t tell me if you would have to kill me.


:sweat_smile: The irony is you aren’t far off. Suffice it to say, I mission plan for airborne reconnaissance missions.


Should have just the name to the Vegas Gangsters

I couldn’t touch that, never military so I am grateful for your service!

Hell I hadda cut and paste “reconnaissance”


We had a reconnaissance squadron of AR5C Vigilanties (RVAH11) aboard the Forrestal back in the Tonken Gulf in '67. I imagine things are a bit different these days.


You’d be surprised. The aircraft I work with was first used in the 50s. They just refit them and put new avionics to update them.

The Vigilante is a very cool looking jet.


So, did Oliver not play?

He played. He registered one tackle that was a QB hit, IIRC.

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I never got used to the Los Angeles Raiders.

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As an aside, were you on the Forrestal during the “McCain” incident ?

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Yes, my GQ station was the port side gun director.

BTW, what happened was another plane had an electrical surge on start up that misfired a missile that hit McCain’s belly tank. McCain was an innocent bystander that was lucky to get out alive. When we got back into Subic Bay, he transferred to another squadron on another ship and subsequently was shot down and captured. He had a rough time of it.

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Zuni rockets were dangerous aboard the ships. No fail-safe mechanisms like air to air missiles and bombs had typically until the aircraft were airborne (wheels up in the wells). Watch some youtube videos on how they even loaded those things. Like a bunch of kids goofing around with model rockets and fireworks.

Always referred to them as the LA Raiders.

I’d guess it’s an age thing. The Oakland Raiders were huge when I was a kid–almost mythical.


This :100:

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