Eight Restaurants For Must-Try Vintage Houston Pies - Houston Food Finder

(Patrick) #1

Anybody try this place?

Dinner Bell Cafeteria, 6525 Lawndale: This restaurant near the University of Houston and next to the Gus Wortham Golf Course opened in 1954. Like Cleburne, this is one of the few places in town that makes chess pies. Their version is a coconut chess pie chock-full of sweetened coconut and topped with whipped cream. The restaurant bakes a variety of other pies that are available weekdays during lunch.

(WRB) #2

The Dinner Bell is great. If you are a morning pastry guy, try the Hungarian Muffin in the bakery. Great liver & onions also (don’t judge :grinning:. Good home style comfort food all around.


I ate liver and onions every chance I could when I was in the army. It was the only thing that tasted the way it was supposed to!!

(WRB) #4

Love the stuff but I am the only one in my family that does, so I gotta get it when I can. Dinner Bell is a great spot.