Elandon Roberts - Ft Bend Traffic stop

Really hate to see this

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Read the article, and I’m going to keep out of this one. It’s going to make the Warren thread look like a Kumbaya sing a long.


Why would you get out of your car and approach the police officer? He’s lucky he didn’t get tased or worse!


My first impression as a felony prosecutor is to say that this is a VERY unprofessional cop.

Now, here’s what I don’t know.

Did the cop turn his overhead lights on? If he did, and Roberts continued to drive on and ignore him, then Roberts might be charged with Evading Arrest/Detention in a Motor Vehicle, which is a felony.

It appears that that was not the case however, and that the cop just followed him, and then started acting with a lot of unnecessary belligerence and aggression.

After arriving at his house, with no lights flashing, Roberts wouldn’t have had any idea that he was suspected of anything, and would have been perfectly within his rights to step out of his car as if to go inside. Sounds like this cop started acting like a major jack hole bully at that point.

I’m glad that the Sheriff’s Office apologized and even rescinded the citations, because in this case, you had a cop that did NOT act professionally at all (he should have turned his lights on as soon as he noticed any traffic violation), and then made a total asshat out of himself at the scene.


OK, I just took a look at some video footage from USA Today.

The cop did apparently turn his overhead lights on, at least, just before the incident. It’s not clear to me when he turned them on; I’m going to assume that he had only just turned them on then, but given how slowly Roberts was driving by that point, that seems like a long time to wait.

Not sure why the cop wouldn’t have activated his lights as soon as he caught him speeding (assuming that he actually had).

The cop should have informed Roberts right away of the reason for the stop. Not doing so is unprofessional in my mind. The cop in this case waited almost 9 minutes.

Of course, the cop’s behavior after that was also unprofessional in my mind, as he lied on the radio about Roberts being non-compliant (Roberts came out with his hands up and appeared to obey every command), and took an unnecessarily confrontational position.

Many cops nowadays meet people behind their cars during traffic stops anyways. Not sure why this cop was acting as if this was an escalated situation at that point, asking Roberts to re-enter the vehicle and put his hands on the steering wheel.

Seems way over the top!

Watch the footage. You be the judge!


Here’s the video, Roberts never approached the police officer. Literally stood up out of his car with his hands up and immediately sat back down as per instruction.

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From the video it looks like Roberts and I have the same house manufacturer and maybe also the same floor plan!


Hmmm interesting situation. The Coog is always right the Coog gets everything. There problem solved.


I love Erob as our former UH player . However, from my experience of riding with the police at night I must say"Danger,Danger,Danger"!
The training for police shows what can happen when a man steps out of the car and suddenly runs at you firing a gun that was concealed in his waist band . I am glad Erob got back in his car . It could have really escalated , and the police Officer could have drawn his weapon but he did not !

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Roberts wasn’t even close to running at the guy. Then the cop lied and said Roberts was being non-compliant even after Roberts did everything that he was told to do (some of which was NOT necessary under the circumstances).

The cop should have immediately advised of the reason for the stop and remained calm.

NOT professional.

As a prosecutor, I have to watch police dashcam and bodycam videos ad nauseum. There was NO reason for this cop’s attitude in this particular case.


All I can say is riding shotgun at night on traffic stops is dangerous.I am not smart enough to know if Erob was ready to run but it is a life threatening situation for the officer.He was out of the car and could bolt as only a football player can .There were other people around the yard trying to get involved thereby increasing the danger to the officer . In spite of other people the Officer maintained his cool and did not escalate.He was alone and did not draw his weapon !
If any readers on this thread think it is easy, just volunteer to ride with the police for one week on night shift . You will never be the same after that .


A guy steps out of a car slowly with his hands up and then follows every command without resistance…and it’s a “life threatening situation for the officer?”

Come on now. That’s nonsense.

If Roberts had stepped out talking noise and making threats, aggressing the cop, brandishing a weapon, etc., then maybe the cop would have been justified in escalating the situation.

But definitely NOT here.

And of course the cop lied when he claimed that Roberts was non-compliant over the radio. Watch the video. Nothing could be further from the truth.


I have no idea how long the police had their lights on…but if I got pulled over pulling into my drive way I would step out of the car…if I was asked to get back in my car I would ask why before I got back in…I am not aware of any requirements to remain in my vehicle during a stop but usually do so when I am on a public street.

I am going assume you are white. You talk about looking on the other side of being a cop, how about looking from the side of being a minority who was followed and harrassed by a police officer.


What was the reason for the stop?
A little more context is needed.

Cops make it seem like every situation is life or death but it’s telling that this one seems to be afraid of “the large black man” Maybe only large black cops should be able to pull over “large black men”

As a minority I practice extra care when I get pulled over and have taught my kids the same. As a minority, one does see it a bit different. As someone suggested look at it through Erobs eyes.


Here is the press conference minutes ago. I think Perez from the USA Today tried to spin this as racial issue, I heard the deputy said “big black male”, not “big black man” as said in the article.


The reason for the stop was supposedly speeding.

The problem is, the Officer didn’t advise Roberts of that until about 9 minutes into the stop.

That should happen right away.

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Many cops these days have people step out and meet them behind their car on traffic stops. This is because studies show that police get targeted for shootings from the car window when they approach occupants there. There’s actually case law that says that a cop may order an individual out of their vehicle during a traffic stop for safety reasons. No violation of Constitutional rights at that point, assuming that the reason for the stop (i.e., probable cause exists) is valid.

That said, if a cop wants you to remain in the vehicle and asks you to do so during a traffic stop, you should comply…AS ROBERTS DID.

That’s why the cop here looks bad. Roberts was never confrontational (he slowly exited with his hands up), and immediately returned to his vehicle when instructed to, without argument. The cop then got on the phone and lied about Roberts being “non-compliant.”