Elandon Roberts!


7 total tackles, 5 solo, 1 TFL. He’s just getting better and better! If his pass coverage continues to improve, he’ll be all-pro soon!

(Chris) #2

Great point section230rocks. He is getting better every day. It says everything about Elandon on how he approaches his job.


Haven’t got a chance to watch him much this year. Is he still playing inside?


Yes and he’s #1 on the Pats depth chart at that position, too!

(Phil) #5

He’s number 1 at the moment because Dont’a Hightower is injured. Next season, when Hightower returns, Roberts will likely return to a platoon role in the position.


Not if Roberts kicks butt from now on!


To think so many teams passed on him due to him having a small frame for MLB. hahaha Sucks for them!


Pats vs Vikings in the Super Bowl.




This would be outstanding! Sorry Elandon, but I would have to pull for Case and the Vikings. No matter how many Coogs are on the Pats, I just can’t bring myself to want them to win. I’ll have to settle for wishing individual players great success in the team loss.

(Marcus) #11

He already has his ring anyway.


Jack Lambert was tall but only weighed 205. Then there was Nick Buonaconti, pretty good LB, too.


If it is the Vikes and Pats I will root for the Vikes because of all the grief Case has taken
and I don’t like the Pats’ coach.

(Eric Prado) #14

But he wore a UH hat after Hurricane Harvey

(Dan) #15

I am a Pats fan, covered them for my high school newspaper back in the day. But I’ve already broken the news to my family. If Case goes under center for a super bowl, I will be rooting for him to win with everything I’ve got.