Emerging North Carolina Pipeline

(PMM) #21

Doesn’t Armoni have a younger brother in Round Rock who supposedly is a player ??

(Tom Green) #22

Yes. 2022 H.S Grad. Strong AAU player in Austin area, Dad’s coach


Yep, he was 7’3" he wore shorts that were so big that I could fit in one leg, all the other players kept trying to steal his extra practice shorts because they were so obsessed worth large shorts…


Indeed, we do; been that way for many years. We can thank our friends from uta and atm for most of that, and always supported by our “Houston” newspapers! Most of those “journalists” would starve if it were not for the money they get from the whorns and gaggies (no - I have no proof, but that is what I think.)

(PMM) #25

OK, I was under the impression that he would be a senior next year.

(Tom Green) #26

Nah he’s like 15 yrs old. Dad is big on Coogs though. Drives to every Home gm from Round Rock even weekday gms.

(Patrick) #27

I’m a BUCKET no rap cap!!
Jae’lyn Brooks c/o 2022, attends Round Rock Highschool
Plays for THP Elite 15u