Episode 81: Embracing Failure with Brian Barraza

(Patrick) #1

Steve Magness has Brian on this week for his podcast. Good stuff.

This weeks guest is elite runner Brian Barraza. Brian rose from a solid high school runner to the top of the ranks in the NCAA. In this wide-ranging conversation, we discuss how Brian dealt with failure on the biggest stage, the coping strategies he utilizes to get through the pain and discomfort of racing, and much more. This is a must listen for any person looking to understand the mental side of performance at the highest level. Brian gives us an honest appraisal of the highs and lows of trying to achieve your best.

Pressing the reset button after failure (8min)
“Calm, In-Control, Fast” the Mantra Brian repeated at NCAAs (17min)
The Race- Brian takes us through his NCAA race where after leading the whole race, he fell on a steeple barrier on the final lap (18min)
There’s always something to learn (22min)
Make the most out of the days that you are struggling (23min)
The Power of True Belief (26min)
Coping Strategies for dealing with pain and fatigue (27min)
The “Jedi Mind Trick” strategy
Train where your mind goes (36min)
Workouts- Are you training compliance or building an athlete’s abilities? (42min)
Growing from Failure- The Importance of Reflection (46min)
Exposing yourself to a variety of disciplines is the way to increase your skill set. (59min)

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