ESPN+ and Replays

I don’t have ESPN+ and usually record day games and enjoy them in the evening. Is the UH-UCF game available on replay anywhere later in the day?

The game should still be available to watch later on ESPN+. I’m not 100% certain though.

There is a Schedules and Replays tab on the ESPN+ website.

I guess there’s no on-demand replay. That alone would make it worth having, IMO. I could empty some of the old games I’ve wanted to keep off my DVR.

The replay without commericals and halftime is on utube

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That’s great news as I have YouTube! Is it right after the actual game ends?

No, not sure of the time frame but seems to be a day or so after the game

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Those that have ESPN+ is there any AAC content besides games on there? Like pre-game shows or SEC Nation type stuff but a weekly format for our conference? This is a cheap move by ESPN to get subscribers ESPN+ should be reserved for the bottom feeder games of the AAC. If we have a losing record fine. But we don’t and neither does UCF. It is inarguable we are 2 of the top 4 programs in the AAC.

ESPN+ usually has the games “on demand” shortly after the game is finished.

As for any AAC specific content, there isn’t any at this time. It’s only games for now.

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Dang it…I have to sign up this week.

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