ESPN is a disgrace

Screw this guy. ESPN started this rumor mill and now they’re trying to smear Herman’s name. Who are they to say he was even interested in the job?

100% agree with the thread headline.
I/We could all easily start a new thread with:
Herman to uta
The source?
Me, just me
The fact is only the agents and clients know what is really going on. The rest are a bunch of talking heads. In previous years TMZ was made fun off. Now the so called national media is not any better. They have no credibility whatsoever.


We need to heavily trol the Mc Murphy SOB. I allready started!

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Fisher and Herman strung them along. LSU already had O on staff.

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They pretty much had a full 24-hour news cycle to pump the B.S. Herman to LSU story. They aren’t any better than CNN and Fox News. Make crap up, see if it sticks, and impact the lives of dozens of players and thousands of fans.

My advice would be not to click on any “Herman to blank program” type articles. If you really want to help make someone some money, help a fellow Coog out and click on mine. lol

There is a lot of douchebaggery going around. It seems LSU never asked UH for permission to talk to Herman. Herman leaks he is in talks with LSU to put a fire under UT. UT fires Strong then announces they have 7 candidates so Herman won’t ask for too much money.

If you lay down with dogs, you are going to get fleas.

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