ESPN is so bad

(Jimmy Morris) #1

They don’t bother to learn names right. We know that already, now they do this. The clip of King throwing to Postma is labeled, “Houston’s RB connects with QB for TD.” King was lined up as a wideout and had no rushing plays that game. King is listed as a QB on ESPN. I thought, well maybe since the game was on CBS, they mislabeled it and then ESPN just blindly copies the clip. Nope. CBS labels the play “Trickery! Houston’s QB Postma catches TD pass” and then in the description puts “Houston’s WR D’Eriq King throws a 22-yard TD pass to QB Kyle Postma on a trick play.”

It’s obviously not just us they get it all wrong with. It’s no wonder that ESPN has been in a perpetual decline with subscribers over the past 6 years. That’s the problem with sports entertainment. There is no competition for viewership. A channel has the rights to the game, your two choices to watch it are go to the game or watch it on that channel. Imagine if two channels got rights to a game. Then the channels would have more pressure to have quality broadcasts to keep viewers.

(Eric Prado) #2

There’s no competition in most major industries. Cable, airlines, banking.

(Patrick) #3

ESPN overspent on rights to games and have had to cut way back in regards to on-air and off-air talent. It’s showing.

FOX is starting to catch them in ratings, mainly because the on-air talent is better.

Really wish CBS and NBC would get more serious with theirs as well.

(Patrick) #4

Speaking of ESPN, this came after Herbstreit chastised Petersen on Gameday about complaining and then the ESPN analyst for the game ran a video where he was using actual cupcakes to describe Washington’s schedule.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

Yeah the thing that sucks, is that it’s impossible to debate them. Petersen has a legitimate gripe and they get to all attack him with facts that are skewed to meet their argument. Notice on the screen shot it says “on ESPN” instead of overall. If there are 10% less viewers on late Saturday night but 50% less games to choose from to watch, then those individual games will have an uptick from earlier individual games.

A list of channels showing games during the day in the same time slots:
A list of channels showing games Saturday night:
ABC (7PM), BTN (7PM), ESPN2 (9:15PM), CBSSN (9:30PM), ESPN (9:45PM)

Half as many channels on Saturday night than Saturday afternoon. 70% less channels by the time the 9pm ET games start the second half. Here is the best part, I’m not even counting that ESPN3 kicks in at 1:30PM with regional games too but the last ones end around 9:30pm.

That tells me that no one on the East coach is staying up to watch those games but ESPN is helping them get exposure right?

(Patrick) #6


The problem is that the PAC is just that, a west coast league. What they really need is couple of teams in the central time zone that ESPN likes for 11 am and 7 pm games. Wanna bet that UH - USC game would be prime time on the east coast. UH does have cred in the east and USC would be an exotic game in that time slot.