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for starters, I enjoy this media option. When I first learned about ESPN+, the thought was to subscribe to this service for the football season only, then I would cancel. Then along came MBB and WBB, which I’ve really enjoyed watching this season. Well, it didn’t stop there.

To my surprise, it includes women’s softball and volleyball and I assume it will include Men’s Baseball and other UH sports. For a UH sports fan, it’s pretty cool to tune into a variety of UH sports entertainment on a week night or weekend.

Granted, I’m not likely to tune in to women’s volleyball or soccer, but I might tune in to check the score of any given UH event. As an avid golf fan, I hope it expands to M/W Golf and T&F.

IMO, it’s close to having a UH Network for $6/month. I’m sold on the subscription and I’m likely to keep it long term, but then again, that’s just me because whether it’s right or wrong, I’m somewhat addicted to UH sports. I give it two thumbs up. :+1: :+1:


Fyi. It does include all Home-- Coogs Baseball gms.


Worth the price!


I love it. Watched the Women’s Softball Double Header against Lamar yesterday.

I also think it’s great. I just wish I could record the games on there… Seems like I have to watch them live; which I prefer, but isn’t always an option.

Maybe I’m just missing a record option in that app…?

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You can watch later on demand.


Just a heads up, all T&F home meets are streamed on our FB page this season. One is going on right now.


Bad part though is we have a million coog subscribers it’s all to ESPN and little ad revenue

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I get ESPN+, Disney Plus, and Hulu for $12 a month. That’s the best value out there in streaming IMO. I read an article on CNBC this week that said there is a decent chance that ESPN+ will also be the new home of the NFL Sunday Ticket, which would be AWESOME even though it would likely increase the price.


Yes and no. Streaming numbers will play a major factor in the next round of realignment.

There’s a million coog who have subscribed to ESPN+??

Does it show on the page?

If that’s true then we should be well positioned for any P5 moves.

I’m skeptical about that number, though, but happy if it’s true.

Other than men’s sports, the network allows interested Coog fans to watch women’s BB and Softball games, which in years past the majority of us wouldn’t have attended.

This season, both teams are very competitive which makes it more motivating to tune in.

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ESPN+ is actually a good thing for us. Ratings won’t be estimates any longer, they will be actual numbers. Lets see how many eyeballs we really have.


UFC is already on ESPN+.

Lol, no. There are 12.1M subscribers in total and I’m guessing that a chunk of them have the bundle.

I have the Disney bundle and also recommend.

Hulu alone is a great channel.

You also get National Geographic specials.

If we could get even a fraction of a million, we would have our own network. I doubt we could get above 10k subscriptions (since families will share and friends will share logins) for a Coog sports package.


Yeah. As a consumer ESPN+ is great. I don’t know what it means for exposure, but it doesn’t seem like we’re getting shorted there compared to before.

North Dakota State football is on ESPN+. For those who like good college football, worth watching.


With the Disney/Hulu/ESPN package, it might be my last thing to get rid of if I was cutting streaming services…but who am I kidding, my wife would change the locks if I cut Bravo…ah, who am I kidding, Andy Cohen knows how to put on some great trash tv, and after all, isn’t it all for an escape?

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