Espn2 Blah blah blah-ing about Herman going to Texas

During TCU game, blather on at length about how Strong will be fired and Herman will go to Texas. Just no respect.

How is that? We’ve lost 2 of our last 3 coaches, just got punted by the Little 10. Its our lot in life currently.

That’s what you get watching a Little 10 game

For the last 2 1/2 games, we have been playing like we did when Sumlin took the job with A&M. I don’t blame outsiders for believing it’s true.


Well it’s what was on before the Coogs. at 3:59.

Actually watching how we are playing now it seems the team is just going through the motions. Can’t argue with what you say.

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You can also point to what happened when the word got out that AB was going to Baylor.

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Yup. Something’s up, and it’s not good.

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I actually didn’t think he would leave.

Now I hope he does. Absolute bull …

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Damn. That is how you feel?

What shaggy said. Geez, it looks pretty obvious.

If we are playing this bad because of injuries and being out coached, then I’m more disappointed than upset with the staff. If we are playing this bad because Herman was doing interviews before the Navy game and the players know it, then good riddance.

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lord have mercy can someone bitchslap applewhite? 3 runs up the middle lmao

You know its obvious when ESPN announcers talk about how “listless” UH was.

CTH has a chance of building another USC or Alabama at U of H. He will only do so if we get to a P5. The small12 slammed the door on us and told us to @#$# Off. That is the harsh reality. Professional Coaches aspire to play against the best competition. Rich now he can’t.
We got insulted by the small12 AGAIN. The best way to answer is to boycott EVERY SINGLE SMALL12 game. WE need to make a habit out of it. Hit them where it hurts the most. Don’t give them money.
At the same time we need to all be watching our School. That includes all of us that live far away from Calhoun.

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